I had a major health set-back in early November. I’ll be in treatment for another 4-6 months, but I am returning to work part-time around that schedule. This has been a trying time for my family and I, and I apologize for the radio silence — things should return to normal now.

We released an update to the Android app a little while ago that addresses a lot of issues and seems to provide broader support for hardware. One issue that we’re aware of is that Sentry passive-infrared notifications don’t always seem to be triggering the app – which is a bit of an enigma as all other notifications work fine and iOS also works fine.

Wimoto I/O
We’ve deicded to brand both the bridge hardware and the cloud services Wimoto “I/O” (input/output).

The bridge itself is a small Linux computer with 802.11b/g/n Wifi and BLE on board. When I say small, the case is 8cm*8cm*5cm.

To support those who want to tinker with the bridge platform, we’ve included a number of sold pads for hacking that expose some GPIOs and I2C for chip connectivity. We’re not 100% sure how we’ll expose these in software yet, but it’ll definitely be Javascript as the whole platform is node.js powered (although we’re likely switching to JXcore at some point).IO

If you don’t want to use our cloud service, that’s more than fine: the bridge speaks the industry standard MQTT protocol and can be plugged into any MQTT broker you like. An interesting use-case might be something like running the Mosquitto MQTT broker with NodeRed on a Raspberry Pi and integrating our sensors into home automation.

The electronics are finished and we need the plastics work to be completed before shipping. This is the third attempt at making a bridge and it’s been simplified dramatically over some of the more grandiose plans.

Thermo and Leak
We are still working on the plastics for the re-design. Unfortunately my heath, Fall Festival and now CNY got in the way. We’ll post an update as soon we have a firm shipping timeline.


  1. Dale C. Carlson · ·

    I hope you are doing better. I donated in the beginning to your indegogo and have not received the three products yet. I wonder if you can help with that or maybe I haven’t gone something right to get it shipped. Dale and Irene Carlson

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  2. I feared there could be health issues, but am pleased to hear you’re better now. I, too, hope you’ll be fine soon. I/O sounds interesting, too bad I didn’t include that bridge in my pledge. 🙂

  3. Good luck Marc. It’s good to have some sense of expectations. I for one will understand if there happens to be another “radio silence,” as it seems that there’s still been progress (if slow), even as you manage your health situation.

    All the best,

  4. I’m sorry to hear that! All my best wishes, get well soon, Marc!
    We now have the devicws, but are struggeling with software (Android app e.g.). But as your ressources are limited currently, I would propose that you get the user communicty on the boat as quickly as possible:

    – Put the apps under open source and publish the source code
    – Publish the documentation of the APIs / Bluetooth LE interface – so we could use the sensors using own HW/SW (e.g. Linux computer with BLE dongle). We don’t want to reverse-engineer the thing…

    I’m still a fan of your hardware, but the lack of software and interface documentation renders it impossible to use for me now.

    We understand that your ressources are limited at the moment – so it makes perfectly sense to me to leverage ressources from the user commumity!

    1. Dominic · ·


  5. Sorry about the health issues, but glad the project isn’t abandoned. I pledged for a mixture of modules and haven’t received any at all – can I change what I want so that I will receive the ones that are in existence?

    VERY happy about the MQTT mention – that will make it SO easy to tie into OpenHAB!

  6. Dominic · ·

    The Android APP is killing my wifi every now and then. Does not find any sensors. Version 1.0.3 at least found the sensors but was not usable and had extremely slow refresh rates. I’m running Android 6.0.1..

  7. Please give us an update on all components! This has been a very very long project, when will I received all my components?

    1. He said he’s going through treatment for another 4-6 months. He’s obviously feeling pressure to get this done, but if he avoids rest trying to make enough progress for another update then this might go on even longer.

      I know he said things should be back to normal now, but that may just be wishful thinking. I myself am 2 weeks into a recovery that was supposed to take 2 days, and we’re only now starting to come to terms with the fact that it might be another 2 weeks or even longer before I can be up and effective again.

      Given that people are getting devices, just trust that it’ll come. They’ll contact before shipping to find out if it’s still the correct address.

  8. Marc,

    I hope this finds you better – just words of encouragement – to get better.

    Mark Chan

  9. Roland · ·

    Silence from Sept 15 – Feb 16, now it’s May and more silence.

    Will you be working on this project after you recovered, so maybe in May-July?

    This project isn’t a very lucky one and many hick-ups and no comunication. I remeber that Shila was sending out message, just wondering why we didn’t get any updates.

    Is a bit sad when you backed the higest perk and been asked to pay your shipping fees, and a year later you still have nothing not one piece in your hand.

    not sure what I should think

    get better soon, waht ever it is, there is somthing wrong

  10. carole gurr · ·

    i donated/ordered perks at the the beginning of the indiegogo campaign, to the tune of over $700. I ordered 2 lots of perks and have never received anything. it was so long ago but I remember ordering a bulk perk with lots of grow motes as I have a plant nursery. Am I ever going to get anything.

  11. Could we please have an update?

  12. Paul Bouillon · ·

    Any updates???

  13. BOO!

  14. November BOO!

    By the way – I like to share some experience with my 5 climate motes which I have since… at least one year (can’t remember the actual date, it’s too long ago).

    I first had an android phone and experienced massive problems with the app which I reported in this and previous updates’ comments. Eventually, because of this problems, I was not able to use the sensors. This changed, when I switched to an iPhone. The iOS app is working much more reliable. I can add sensors, the app remembers the sensors and their names and displays the measured values correctly. So far, so good.

    Now the critics:
    1) The graphs next to the values do not make any sense, since x- and y-axis are not labeled. Therefore, one could just guess, what the line displayed there means.
    2) Since I’m interested in long-term monitoring room and outside temperature and humidity, I tried to export recorded data via Email. This gives you a “AppData.json” file which I was not able to convert properly into a csv, since it includes some stupid typos. After debugging I managed to get a csv and display the values with a nice graph. Unfortunately, I found out, that the sensors are actually not recording data all the time, but just some minutes after I checked them using the app. I would say, this is a bug, since it was promised initially, that the sensors would record data all the time, store it and then transfer it to the app upon connect.

    I hope, this helps some of you.

    1. Carole Gurr · ·

      Still have not received any motes at all. And I applied twice.

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