We’re overdue for a blog update, so here’s what we’ve been up to…

Grow Calibration
We’re just finishing the Grow calibration routines to the iOS app (Android will follow; but we develop first on iOS). This allows you to set a custom wet and dry point for your unique situation and soil type.
growcalibratedgrowcal_step1 growcal_step2
We’re also fixing the erroneous temperature readings — no more 800F tomatoes 🙂

Android app
The Android app has been a work-in-progress up until now. Unfortunately, the way we scan BLE services works on some Android platforms just fine (Nexus 4, for example) and becomes a miserable experience on others (Samsung S3 for example).

We’ve re-egineered how we scan for our devices, which is at juxtaposition to  the way we do it on iOS, but at least it finds devices quickly — which is all that really matters at the end of the day. We’ve also made improvements to the functionality of the various devices to bring it closer to the iOS app.

We’re hoping to push this to Google Play in the next couple of weeks, assuming there’re no more pressing fires to deal with in the meantime.

Thermo and Leak

We still don’t have a quality shippable product for Thermo and Leak. The saga started when we had to add ESD protection diodes to meet EU safety requirements (8kV electrostatic discharge). The diodes had to be placed on the part of the PCB that’s external to the plastic case. Because of the way the PCB goes into the case, the diodes would pop off during assembly. We also found that hand soldering the 2.5mm jacks after the device case was assembled was becoming problematic.

So, we’ve taken a drastic measure to fix this: we redesigned the case for both products which also meant spinning new PCBs. This is no small endeavour in terms of effort and cost, but we feel strongly about trying to deliver a solid product. We at the mould tooling design part of the process and are trying to expedite this as quickly as possible.


3D print of new case next to existing case


Port for 2.5mm jack on side of case

The new casing allows for the 2.5mm jack to be within its walls (a better design). It’s a bit bigger than the last case to accommodate this, but the case is also tougher and better built. It’s more resistant to water and dust. And we listened to our backers; some of the improvements have been from feedback received on the original casing.

What does this mean to you? If you have Thermo or Leak in your Perk selections, your shipment is currently held until they’re available.

If you have Climate, Sentry or Grow only in your Perks and you’ve paid your shipping — you should or will have a shipping confirmation within the next week. We’re at the tail end of what’s currently shippable.

If you don’t already have product or a shipping confirmation, one of the following might be happening:

#1 Your shipping charge didn’t go through. We’ve noticed some weirdness with the Stripe cart that collects shipping payments. Contact us or try again.

#2 You never paid for your shipping. If you need a link to your personal page in the shipping app, contact us.

#3 You used a different email address in the Stripe cart to the one we have on file (the one that’s shown under your personal information on the shipping app page). This makes it virtually impossible for us to match things up. We wish the Stripe cart didn’t work this way, but it does. Contact us and we’ll fix it.

Grant St.
You may have heard that Grand St. is shutting down (they’re not accepting new orders). This will not effect any existing preorders and we’ve already started shipping them.


  1. Mario Lurig · ·

    Thanks for the much needed update! Is someone working on the Cloud box or is that on hold till the thermo/leak redesigns are solid? Obviously I backed the Cloud box as well and to me (chocolate production facility), it’s critical for making the thermos useful (if the A/C goes out and product may be lost for instance) by connecting them to the internet and a provided API.

  2. Dale C. Carlson · ·

    Please send shipping information so we can pay if that is the problem. We have received nothing so far. Thanks, Cookie and Dale Carlson


  3. Well it took 2 years and 3 months but I finally got all my devices today! One Climate, One Sentry, and One Grow. Everything came with instructions and an extra battery (except for the Grow, I guess you dont get a extra battery for that one). So be patient and they will come. Just as a guide, I got the email saying that they were being prepared for shipment 14 days ago. So again, be patient and they will come. Good luck to everyone and good luck to you Mark on this endeavor.

  4. Any updates on the android app? It’s been another, other, other, couple of weeks… 🙂

  5. Hey, any update for the Android app? It is not usable as it is right now! Please, before fiddeling around on the iOS one, just bring the Android app to a status where you can use it properly. Meaning, that it saves the added devices, that I can remove the demo, that it saves the records from the motes, that the record graphs have proper labeling of the x and y axes and that the alarm ranges are fitting to the respective parameter. I am not talking about finetuning and little bugs, like one of my motes displays humidity always as a negative value. It’s just – get it working, so that we can use it properly, please.

  6. I finally received my motes, without any hazzle with customs. Thanks for that!

    But now I’m also struggeling with the Android app, in particular:
    – Sometimes connection to a decice takes several minutes (before background turnes from grey to “color”)
    – Pretty often, data shown are incomplete (temperature, humidity are shown, light is just “–“)
    – Occasionally, values seem to be nonsense (“humidity -101%”
    – the previously mentioned problems with alarms
    – Access to logged values, axes of the charts,…?

    A nice beta version, but still something to do before I would call this “production level”.

    Are you interested in detailed bug reports? I think, a bunch of the users here would be happy to help to push things forward.

    A detailed description how to interact with the sensors without using your apps would also be appreciated!


  7. Mark Trickey · ·

    While I appreciate wanting to get everything just right it is frustrating to have my entire order delayed because of these issues. I’m a large backer (in the hundreds of dollars) and I feel that instead of being a priority I will now be one of the last to receive anything. This is by no means just a Wimoto problem as I have experienced this same problem with other crowd-funded projects. From Wimoto’s perspective it makes sense to make the most people happy by getting what they can out the door without incurring additional costs associated with multiple shipments, but it still sucks for those of us that pledged for multiples of every type because we saw the value in the ecosystem. Maybe I can just ask for anything that’s available, sell it on eBay, and come back when your ready? Otherwise I will probably have to wait until the gateway is ready as well, which from the lack of updates is due who knows when.

    Please offer an option for myself and others in the same situation!!!!!

  8. Hi Are you able to please advise when I might expect to receive my motes (and Cloud Box)? I notice some people have commented that they gave received some motes and I want to make sure I’m on your list. Many thanks David

    Sent from my iPad Air

    Confidential Information Notice. This message is private and may contain confidential or legally privileged information that is intended for the use of the addressee only. If you receive this mail in error, please delete it from your system immediately and notify the sender at either the return email address or by facsimile at +1 (815) 301-3762.

  9. Hey folks,
    Because there is no answer from Marc and the Android app is a mess for months now… Is anybody out there with a working grow sensor?

    I have one climate and two grow sensors. The values of the climate are not updating sometimes and sometimes garbage, but if it works it looks like correctly measured values.

    However, for the grows the situation is different. If they connect (sometimes it takes some app openining and closing), only the light sensor gives plausible values. For humidity, 0.0 is displayed, even with changing soil conditions. Temperature ia either 0.0 as well or some ridiculous value like 200.0.

    Now I’m wondering if this is a hardware issue or an issue with the app. Looking at the maturity of the rest of the app, the latter sounds more likely to me… But anyway, there is no visible activity from Wimoto for the last two months again, so I’m not sure we can expect a fixed app?

    One more thing: has anybody made progress in connecting and using the motes from Linux?

  10. Mario Lurig · ·

    Just tested the new Android app version (1.1) and it’s much improved (actually usable now)! Looking forward to an update soon on the progress for the cloud box (the only way I can make use of these things in my commercial kitchen space).

    1. Hi Mario, thanks for the comment. Are you sure, that you have 1.1? Mine got updated yesterday to version 1.0.4. Seems to be improved anyway, which raises some hope, that I might make use of my sensors somewhen in the future. They now added a ThermoDemo to the ClimateDemo and Googles play store says that Sentrys and Grows are now supported.

  11. You might be due for another update (+2 months)…. What’s the deal with the android app? I’ve got some very tardy paper weights on my counter that are frustrating to look at. The 2 week timeline given months and months ago must have been a joke..

    Seriously though, what’s up?

    1. I see there is an update in the play store now… Maybe these things will be useful now….

      1. … They’re not… :s

  12. Anyone know what’s going on? I still haven’t received any of my Wimotos yet…

  13. Justin Drew · ·

    I think we are done, i have nothing and there are no updates, pretty much given up on this ever actually arriving.

  14. Crickets….

  15. I have to agree with Shawn. Can we please get a quick message saying that things are moving? It’s been almost 4 months now.

  16. I don’t want to nag, but… Aren’t you overdue for a blog update? We’re curious!

    1. Well, actually so much overdue, that I really think we wont hear from them anymore… Does anybody have heard of some ethusiastic programmer trying to extract the data from the motes and display them with a smartphone app or on a computer?

      1. davesnowdon · ·

        Sadly, I agree with Dominic. I’ve tried several times to reach Wimoto by phone as well as email have not managed to get a response. If the motes are using BLE then it should be possible to get data out of them even without the official app.

      2. I’ve just given it a quick glance; I have no way to actually test it, but the documentation at https://github.com/Wimoto/Developers , would it be enough to cobble something together? It mentions IDs, data structures and formats, and give tips on how to calculate correct readings.

  17. Version 1.0.4 still on my Nexus 5 with Android 6.0.1. Still not working properly, cannot quickly check temperature, etc. -> Sensors useless.

    1. You seem to at least have a mote or two. I’m still waiting. 🙂

      1. Well, yes. I got my 5 climate motes last year. But I was not able to use them until now. Physically I have more than you, but from the usability, we are on the same level…

  18. Carole Gurr · ·

    Still have not received any motes, and i purchased a bulk lot, $700 dollars worth if i can remember back that far. When can i expect delivery thanks

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