Ship it, ship it good


At this point we’ve shipped hundreds of Perks and assembled thousands of Wimoto’s. We appreciate everyone’s patience — it sounds easy to get a product out the door, but it’s actually a lot of work and goes beyond just licking a stamp.

Climate, Sentry and Grow are now available for shipping with the latter just starting to creep out the door. You need to have any combination of this trifecta, have previously settled your shipping fees, and have clicked “Confirm” on the shipping app to get your Perks shipped. We can entire minor changes in your selections, but we’re fairly stretched on Climate commitments already. We will be reaching out to those 471 people who still have incomplete shipping in the next week.


On iOS, we’ve just pushed v1.0.4 to the App Store. This mainly cleans up some glitches and bugs, as we all returns the Sentry’s connected screen to purple rather than grey — which was causing some confusion.

We’re continuing to bring the Android app up to par with the iOS app and will make another Android release available next week. This will address some issues around Sentry, too.

v1.0.5 should be ready in the next week or two and introduces time-of-day alarms for Sentry. For example, if you only wanted to get alerts when your toddler gets out of bed between 8pm and 6am, you’ll be able to do that. This feature will be available on both iOS and Android.

Thermo and Leak

Thermo and Leak haven’t started shipping yet. The changes we had to make for them to meet EU safety requirements (ESD) had a very unwelcome side effect. The only place we could put the ESD diode comes is somewhere that comes into contact with the plastic shell the sensor lives in and we didn’t expect the diode to “pop off” as soon as it comes into contact. We’re actively working on this and will make an update in the next couple of weeks — we may ship “the rest of the world” in the meantime as this level of ESD protection is only required for European regulations.

Data Logger

We’ve made both some firmware and app improvements to how the data logger works including dramatically increasing the speed at which the sensors upload data to the app (where it gets put into the NoSQL database we use — Couchbase Mobile).

The app improvements will make it in to v1.0.5 app, but they’ll be dependent on our first public firmware release. Firmware updates are handled already within the app and fetch new firmware from a web service. Unfortunately, you have to upgrade each sensor sequentially.


We’re hoping to have some good news on the Cube (well, it’s really called Mesh these days) in the next couple of weeks. The Wifi driver for the Mediatek chipset we’re using has been problematic, but once that is resolved we’ll be in good shape to get things finished and shipped.


  1. Fraser Turner · ·

    Thanks for the update!

    Must feel Sisyphean 🙂 Good luck with the home stretch.

    1. I had no idea what Sisyphean meant until I looked it up….but, yes, it does 😉

      Thanks for your kind words Fraser.

  2. Morten S · ·

    What about Climate preorders from Amazon, when will they be shipped ?

    1. Hi Morten,

      We can’t speak on behalf of Amazon, but they generally ship within days of receiving stock from what we know. If you’re asking about when we’ll provide them with inventory, we’ll start to do that when there’s a substantial dent in the crowdfunding fulfillment (people who’ve selected their Perks, paid their shipping, etc) — so probably in about 4-weeks or so.

      1. Morten S · ·

        OK Thanks. Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. Allison · ·

    I’ve changed my email address since this campaign – how can I update with you?

    1. Drop us a note at contact [at] wimoto [dot] com

  4. Please (please) update the android app… Can’t use the motes without it…

  5. I have a distinct feeling that you once wrote about the hardships of building a reliable Grow, but I can’t seem to find that now. Did you mention which moisture sensor you’re using in it?

  6. hello? hello? hello?….. app update? can’t use the motes without the app… i was told the update would be released next week (on June 30th). continually missing target dates (with little to no updates posted) is getting very frustrating….

    what are you guys doing over there?


  7. After almost a month, I think it’s time for another update for your patiently waiting backers. What’s the status of shipping? Are my Climate and Grows already on the way? Or when will they be shipped?

  8. Hi any news. What’s going on?
    I hate to say that but it’s very upsetting to chase you for updates. Buddy you owe us updates you already got the funds. So please don’t be stupid and be quiet, you almost there.


    1. Same here. I was extremely happy to unpack 5 climate wimotos couple of weeks ago. So, first thanks for that! Packaging was great and everything seems to be intact. On the other side, the sensors are currently not usable because of the app. I’m using an android phone and it seems that it’s just the second release version of the app, while with 1.0.5 you seem to address a lot of the issues which are hindering me to use the sonsors appropriately. Here are some examples: 1) after closing the app / switching off bluetooth the app looses all saved sensors except the demo one, which is at this point completely senseless to have it at all. 2) At least two of the sensors display the humidity as negative values from time to time. One from the very beginning, the other one recently started to do that… 3) The humidity alert can be set from 10 – 59 %. There is no possibility for higher alert values. 4) For the light intensity, the alert gives numbers from 10 – 59 as well, although this does not make any sense here.. 5) For the timeline, labels on the x and y axis as well as higher magnification would be great + it seems, that the history from the sensor is not loaded into the app…

      Hope this will be addressed soon, maybe with 1.0.5 for android, as announced several weeks ago by you…

      1. I’m getting upset and a bit angry. Marc asked for the transfer of funds or shipping about a year ago.
        I think that’s still a bitter taste in my mouth, I’m geeting sick of people lying without a reason.
        Marc you have got a bunch of very good supporter and you are just about to screw it up big times.

  9. Any update when these will be on general sale in UK?
    I’m also interested in using these on Linux rather than mobile, where can I find info on api, example code etc?

    1. davesnowdon · ·

      +1 for accessing the sensors from Linux

    2. Yay one.

  10. Is it hardware bugs, software bugs, miscalculation of cost that is deadlocking this? I feel there is demand for this remote capability, especially as all sort of sensors could be added and am surprised years on noone is really filling this gap.

  11. Is this still for real?

    someone still working on the product or shipments?

  12. Has anyone else not received theirs from backing on indiegogo. It certainly feels like this is just a one man show. Is there anyone else working at wimoto other than Marc ??

    1. I don’t have mine from Indiegogo yet either…you’re not alone.

    2. nothing here either, no shpiing informaiton – zero comunication.

      I had some emails from Shila last year, but long time ago

    3. Fraser Turner · ·

      Keep in mind that those who have their Motes probably don’t follow these posts/comments looking for updates (Android users excluded).

  13. As stated above, I received my perks about a month ago. But they are almost useless, since the Android App is not working properly.

  14. project seems close to death so been looking at TI sensorbug/devkit, clime, nordic-semi BlutolTemp etc. Everything seems to be cloud accessed via mobile. I don’t like being reliant on some third party to get to my data, anyone got recommendations for direct BT LE connecting ideally via linux so i can manage my own data?

    1. Checkout metawear currently on kickstarter, or there other meta wear items in there website

      1. Thanks, these look fun. Surprised I didnt stumble on this before.

  15. Pledged for 5 and still nothing 😦

  16. Me either 😓

  17. I was given the pleasure of putting more money down the drain, having to pay to receive … Nothing ??

    If this is how it is how can we even expect any support??

  18. I also had to pay additional shipping for something that isn’t even shipping WTF!

  19. Like everything else that Marc has touched, this too seems to be a failure. Doesn’t respond, no updates and only delivered on one WiMoto

    1. Just got notification from stamps that my items is on its way

  20. Ok just received mine, but need support. But doesn’t exist?

  21. rkatzenberger · ·

    Still haven’t received anything and I’m a backer from indieogogo.

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