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Version 1.0.3 of the iOS app has now hit the App Store. Aside from some bug fixes and minor cosmetic tweaks, you can now tap on any temperature to switch the entire system (current temperature, alarms, pickers) between Celsius and Fahrenheit .

We’ve noticed some of the negative feedback on the Android app and want to remind folks it’s a pre-release version, but we’re working hard to go “1.0” on this app in the coming weeks.


  1. Dale C. Carlson · ·

    Our wimotos have yet to arrive

    1. We’re only shipping Climate right now, Dale. Your Perks include varieties that won’t arrive until next week.

  2. cool — do we get a notification/tracking number when the motes ship?

    1. Yes, you’ll get a email. It generally takes us a day or two to get stuff across the border and then the normal USPS lead-times after that. Most packages so far have taken 1-3 business days for USPS to deliver.

      1. What about within Canada?

  3. Dominic · ·

    And what about Europe? Have you started shipping there yet?

  4. Of no use at all for the moment… My climate still have to arrive and even though I have received an email confirming from stamps that the preshipment info has been sent to USPS, the status is unchanged since two weeks…it seems that just the stamp has been created but nothing has been delivered to USPS.
    Marc thanks for looking into that

  5. I feel for you Dale but I have Climate in my perk list and have not received anything yet… don’t tell me my picks have been lost for a 6th time…

    1. We’re not doing partial ships, Jorge.

  6. did somebody had any news? I am trying to get an asnwer from Marc/Wimoto by email since May 15th bit NOTHING…
    I am starting to get worried

    1. I received my first batch of 5 climates a couple of weeks ago. I also order some other mote types which I have not received (or had shipping notification for) yet

      1. We’ll write a blog update on where things stand in the next few days.

    2. We’re just heads-down getting stuff done.

  7. Hopefully I can speak for everyone or at least most. Thanks for your feedback. I know its crunch time but due to those past times of not hearing a peep some of us have been getting a bit … how do I put it irritable, mainly due to wanting to have the devices to play with .. I mean use.

  8. thanks for a feedback after such long time.

    What I do not get is that you tell me that the Climate will be shipped on mid May and you say you will receive a stamps confirmation and then around 2/3 weeks after you will receive it, but I have only see until now that a preshippement info has been created, but nothing being send by post…

    See below, pre-shipment created on May 20, then nothing during an entire month…

    1. It was returned as undeliverable — that’s what the Flordia address in the tracking means. We’ll dispatch a replacement.

      1. What about a blog update in the next few days?

  9. Hi Marc,

    can you give us an overview when we/I can expect delivery.
    It’s been a while, a lot of hick-ups – I think we deserve some transparency here.
    Delivery to Australia

  10. It’s been another month since the last blog post – it’s time for an update, isn’t it?
    Any updates regarding the other motes like Grow?
    Any successful shipping to Europe so far?

  11. Justin Drew · ·

    Update please

  12. Got my wimoto … seems to sort of work.

    But, the “support” site is dead. “help” on the iOS app says, in effect: goto
    …which doesn’t exist.

    Also, home page says you have OSX solutions … uh, where? google can’t find any pages at other than the home page.

    Finally, *DON’T JUST DISPLAY A WEB ADDRESS* … it’s extremely easy for an iOS app to open an embedded web browser to display a given page … like your ‘support’ page!


  13. I paid an additional 22,30$ for extra shipping cost back in May, since then no news …
    Marc please provide an update!

  14. Justin Drew · ·

    Another month rolls by. I don’t even remember what it is that I ordered

    i was charged for shipping, at least I its I I was as there was no receipt

    How long does it take to write an update? Took me about 2 mins to tap this out on my phone.

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