Shipping and More Update


We’ve shipped out a few hundred Climate’s at this point. For us, shipping means taking a bare PCB, testing it, adding a battery, making up three separate flat-pack boxes, shrink-wrapping another battery, adding a baby screwdriver and velcro tabs….then a Russian doll routine of inserting one box into another into another. And we’ve unfortunately not been able to integrate the shipping into ShipApp.

Now, that said, whilst it might be painful, it’s a good learning experience and will help us control quality and optimize future production runs.

Some of you will have already received shipping notifications from letting you know your package is on its way. For the rest of you, we appreciate your patience and we’ll get to each and every one of you as quickly as we can!

We’re going to be switching over to shipping Grow, Sentry and Leak (Water) in about two weeks from now and are hiring some temporary help to get us through this.

Lorenzo has found an issue with Thermo resetting during some regression testing. We’re still not sure if it’s manufacturing or design related issue and it seems to be a fringe case, so hopefully Thermo will be included in the above shipments.

New Website

In light of finally shipping, we have a new website, forums, blog and rebranded help desk coming in the next few days. We hope to be able to add some videos and other “how-to’s” to help people get started.

More For Developers

For those of you interested in developing free, commercial or proprietary applications that use Wimoto sensors, we’ve added some Android demo code to the developer repository. Quite simply, it uses the beacon (aka BLE Broadcast) mode of our Climate sensor to read current temperature/humidity/light levels from any Wimoto sensors encountered.


  1. Gaston Paradis · ·

    I am a backer for 9 different units of every type offered. Are each unit being shipped as they become available or am I being penalized for being a large subscriber and I have to wait until all the units become available?

  2. David · ·

    Got mine all set up today.

  3. I’m also a backer of multiple units of all types. Can you provide some feedback how shipping will work for those of us in this situation? Will we get some as they come available, or will we be last? I understand the economics of multiple shipments, but at least throw your largest backers a bone πŸ™‚

  4. lannierose · ·

    Congratulations, guys! A great milestone for you. Quite some journey, and thank you for sharing it. I can’t wait to see my first sensor show up in the mail.

  5. chrisbartley · ·

    Excellent update, thanks! Got my 5 Climates yesterday. Nice packaging, and adding the extra battery is a nice touch. Working well. Happy to see that, when collocated, they’re all producing similar numbers.

    Excited to get my Leak, Grow, and Sentry ‘motes!

    What’s the story with the cloud cube / nimbus / gateway?

  6. Hi

    As an original backer on Kickstarter, I’m now so excited that we are getting ever closer to having some Wimotos in my hands.

    In anticipation of this, it has made me begin pondering more and more all the uses that I’ll have for them. This, in turn, has led to some questions forming in my mind.

    Firstly, when can we expect to see the WiFi bridge delivered? I’m hoping to be able to view the data from the Wimotos remotely (for example, on Weather Underground) and wanted to know whether this will be possible and when.

    Also, I recall opting to obtain additional Wimotos when you last sent invitations for the discounted pricing on additional units. Will these ship at the same time as the original order, and will you be offering any further discounted Wimoto offers? (Again, I’m anxious now I didn’t order enough!!)

    Good luck with your continuing efforts.

    Warm regards


  7. The product arrived in Japan.
    Is this product can be used outdoors?
    It is waterproof?

    1. It’s not waterproof, but it’s weather resistant.

  8. looking forward to received it, so far no news – but I will let you know as soon as I receive it!

  9. Margaret Fries · ·

    I got shipping notification for my climate and (I’m guessing) the “bridge” or whatever it’s called at the moment. I’ve received the climate, but the other shipment seems to be just sitting at the post office.

    1. The bridges haven’t shipped yet….disregard the other shipping notification — it’s us getting to used to the process. Interestingly, USPS doesn’t show your shipment as delivered!

  10. Phillip Chee · ·

    And for those of us who pre-ordered through Grand St. when do you expect to fulfill those?

    1. Shortly after Indiegogo. We’ve just started fulfilling Grand St. orders for Climate’s.

  11. Are we getting an email to confirm our perks?? Nothing here yet

    1. Yep….you will. We did that with the big batch of Climate’s that went out — protects both parties from misunderstandings πŸ™‚

  12. Andrea · ·

    I received the mail “important shipping update” but… The link does not work:”Safari can not open the page”..
    Help me please

    1. Hi, there’re issues with calculating international postage that are affecting the app. We’re working on it — hang in there πŸ™‚

  13. Again there seems to issues with the shipping app??
    Not loading for me

    1. Dominik · ·

      same for me…

      1. We’re working on a fix.

  14. New website address??

  15. Mark Trickey · ·

    You mention you are now shipping Grand Street orders for climate. As I have not yet received any climates and am a back of multiple types of wimotos does this mean you are waiting for everything to be complete before shipping to backers that pledged for multiples of each type? Two of us have asked this question here, but so far no clear response.

    1. Hi Mark, yes….if you’ve selected multiple types of Wimoto’s, you unfortunately get delayed until all of the various types are ready to ship. It would create chaos for all otherwise.

      The only exception on partial ships has been gateways as they’re still a little ways off.

      1. Mark Trickey · ·

        Any time frame for this? Obviously I understand the chaos it would cause to ship each individual, however having invested a “significant” amount for multiples of each type it would suck if that caused me to wait months longer than someone who just pledged for a single piece. Perhaps if it is going to be an extended wait you could offer the option of paying a bit of extra shipping to be able to preview what we are waiting for?

  16. Just got mine in the mail yesterday at work. Never got my email from or whomever. I just checked my spam folder as well. So just keep a look out! I got the Sentry. I just added the sensor to my Nexus 6 and worked fine. It took a couple secs to “pair up” because it uses bluetooth and not wifi. Will do further testing.

    It would be great if on one of your sites, to have a pdf instructions or video on setups. Not sure if each Wimoto is different in setup but have a rough idea on what to use it for. Like mounting the sentry on a door or garage door to indicate that the door has been moved. Or have a notification on when someone is coming to the door. What would help is to have examples of how to install each type Wimoto would help IMO. A good gist and picture is worth a thousand words.

    1. Hi Jim, added some content to this morning that may help address the learning curve. We have some videos coming when I have time to shoot them πŸ™‚

      1. Ok, something is better than nothing I guess. lol. I have the Sentry and I cannot get it to read anything. I saw the green light when I pulled the tab but app says nothing. I even replaced the battery and I saw the green light light up for a sec. On the app itself, I see it paired up on the app, but not under my bluetooth settings. I am assuming that is the case?

        Other than renaming the sentry on the app, I cannot do anything else. I haven’t a clue if it’s on, if I can get it to log any activity, movement, etc.

        What am I doing wrong?

  17. Oh forgot to mention, I am using a Nexus 6 on Android 5.1

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