Fix for Android 5.x startup issues

We published a fix for the startup issues on Android 5.x for our companion app this morning. There was an issue in the Couchbase Lite libraries that we use for data storage/replication.

Whilst Google Play Developer Console says it’s already published, it generally takes a few hours to wind its way into the ether! The release is 2 and the version “1.01” for reference.


  1. But what is your timeline for delivery??

  2. davesnowdon · ·

    Can we have a proper update on shipping status for all varieties of wimote and the gateway PLEASE.

  3. an up for the update on the shipping and/or status! please

  4. I can’t even find the app on the Play store. But I don’t have my hardware anyway and probably never will so who cares.

    1. You can just search for “Wimoto”. The Android app is still work-in-progress, but’ll catch up to the iOS app soon.

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