All Work, No Play?

Just a quick update to let everyone know the Android app was accepted and published in Google Play yesterday. Elapsed time for the iOS approval was in the region of months; Android was less than three hours once we got to the approval point. We’re not sure what this says about the process for either organization, but it’s great the check this off the list.

Something that should have slightly more fanfare is Climate’s are starting to finally leave the building. The latest saga was finding that some (but not all) of the custom shipping cartons were too snug. We’ve replaced them with stock cartons from Uline. Apparently expecting a precision of 100-thousands of an inch is unreasonable in the cardboard box industry.


  1. David Durdan · ·

    It would be useful to get an overall update, which sensors are shipping, which are not, etc. I’m not clear whether I should have received anything or not.

  2. I second that comment. I’m unsure when and what I should be expecting. I ordered at least one of each type, plus the gateway. Does that put me at the end of the list, or at least till all types are shipping?

  3. chrisbartley · ·

    Agree. I’d appreciate an update on the gateway, too (shipping estimate, feature set, improvements over original design/specs, etc.). Thanks!

    1. davesnowdon · ·

      Agreed! We really need a proper update on shipping timelines. I’d also appreciate an update on the gateway (Nimbus?) – been months since we heard anything about that.

  4. It’s been awhile since we had heard ANYTHING so yes a proper update on timelines would be great

  5. Thanks for the update! Have you also started shipping to Europe?

    1. It’s crashing after startup. Using stock Android 5.1 on Nexus 5. How may I help you to fix this?

      1. Good to hear that I’m not alone. I can confirm immediate crash on startup on Android 5.0.2 / Xperia Z3.

      2. Since last update, crash is fixed. Works in demo mode now. Thanks! Will it be possible later, to magnify the measured values history and save it? Also an export function for the data to work on a PC / Mac later on with it would be nice.

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