In the App Store!

Well, after 15-days of being “In Review” on this round, the lovely folk in Cupertino have approved our iOS app/hardware. For those of you catching up, we had to supply Apple with hardware as it’s intrinsic to our app — and that’s when things started to get complicated.

Finding us via search doesn’t appear to be working just yet (likely have to wait a little bit for that), but here’s the link to the U.S. App Store:

It’s taken so long to get here that even the screenshots in the App Store listing are now out of date, but updates are generally less painful and occur in the background without removing the current app 🙂

Eugene’s fixing the demo mode sensors on the Android app right now and hopefully that can hit Google Play just after Easter.


  1. lannierose · ·

    Sweet! Runs fine on iPhone 6.

  2. Cool, so does this mean we will see product soon too??

    1. Indeed at the end of January it seemed you’d fixed all the hardware issues. Have any devices actually shipped yet?

  3. cool!
    hopefully you are better and you can update us as well on the product sending! all hardware bugs solved?

  4. Unfortunately, the app does not seem to handle screen sizes of pre-iPhone 5 devices. On my iPhone 4s I can only see the top few pixels of the buttons at the bottom of the screen

  5. Dominic · ·

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to test the Android app.

  6. When are you producing these. Have you started??

  7. App demo looks good on iPhone 6+

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