Hi all,

I generally I wouldn’t write about my personal life on our blog as there should be a line between your personal and professional life. However, I feel it appropriate to let everyone know that I was hospitalized on the morning of February 1-10th and only discharged this afternoon. I’m planning on taking Wednesday to acclimatize and will be back in the office on Thursday and will write a more meaningful update. It’s hard to know how to handle a scenario like this one, and I didn’t get much feedback into the length my stay until this past weekend — and didn’t want to write a note saying “I’m in the hospital, no idea when I’ll get out”.

Both Lorenzo and Eugene have been plodding along in my absence, albeit a little slower than usual as I’m the glue that binds everything together.



  1. Martin Samuelsson · ·

    Good to hear you’re back.

  2. So sorry to hear about your troubles. Welcome back to the land of the living!

    1. Any update to close out our Thursday?

  3. Sorry to hear that, good know you are back!
    What happened? I remember you already had an accident, hopefully nothing serious this time

  4. It’s now been more than another year since you were suppose to be shipping. Are we ever going to see something. And even if we do will it still be relevant??

    1. Hey guys it’s been over a week and we’re supposed to be shipping but I haven’t gotten notification nor is the app available for download. Any update is much appreciated.

  5. This is starting to sound like the Harold Timmis Dimitri Albino long con game. Ship or refund. You’re a year late and have not met your contractual obligation.

    1. “If a Campaign Owner is unable to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Contributors (including delivering any Perks), the Campaign Owner will work with the Contributors to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, which may include the issuance of a refund of Contributions by the Campaign Owner.”

      My credit card was charged $10 for shipping on September 9th of 2014, and charged an additional $.30 for the foreign transaction fee at that time as well. I’m almost to the point where I will process a charge back and begin encouraging others to do the same. Wimoto is not a company of one man, and the lack of communication after almost a year of excuses is not acceptable anymore. I do not think I’m out of line suggesting that not a single production unit has shipped to anyone but potentially beta testers, and they are not “trickling out” as stated in an earlier post. I have backed numerous crowd-funded products without issue prior to this one, and my patience is at an end.

      1. I don’t think that refund is an option. The options are: waiting for the devices to ship or nothing. What do you think happened to the money we contributed? It’s barely waiting in some bank account for refund – it was meant to fund the development of the devices. To pay for material, manufacturing and people. Since we are more than a year behind schedule now, I would be surprised if the financial situation would not be stressed: Running expenses without generation of revenues.

        Maybe some of you forgot about the idea of crowd funding: We are micro-investors, Marc is a entrepreneur. We are taking the risk of the investment, and in return we receive the product early and at a reduced price. Risk means that there is a probability to loose money.

        I’m sure that I won’t see my money again. But I’m confident that one day I will receive a bunch of nice Wimotos. 🙂

      2. Ben, in particular I’m a bit peeved that they charged for shipping almost 6 months ago. I totally understand crowd funding, but I pledged for two devices, and have been charged for that plus another $10.30. This was done with the indication that shipping was imminent.

        I’m also extremely concerned that no trademark searches in the US or Canada turn up the name Wimoto, and the App Store app has not been approved. Those two issues together point toward (but do not prove) some larger, more challenging issues that need to be tackled.

  6. Dominic · ·

    You are right.

    1. Dominic · ·

      To further specify: ship or refund. And post an update at least like promised. I have some news sites in mind which might be interested in this story. So do at least what one should do who’s been given money and trust in advance: write what’s happening. Regularly and up to date. And stick to your deadlines.

  7. I’m prepared to wait (a bit) longer as I’d much rather have my wimotos than a refund. At this stage I hope people can be patient as the last thing we want is for Marc et al to be distracted by refund requests instead of getting the wimotos out of the door.

    However, the gaps in communication are very frustrating and I can totally understand why people are getting fed-up. Marc, is there no-one else on your team who can provide updates? I think there needs to be someone else who can talk to us if/when you are out of action. What about Shela who used to post occasionally last year?

  8. Hello some news please??

  9. “Estimated delivery: November 2013” <- Best.joke.ever!

  10. Dominic · ·

    Hey, what about an update? It’s behind time.

  11. rkatzenberger · ·

    I’m with David on this one.
    @Dave Snowdon: I think we are well past the point where we needed people to be patient.
    It’s March 12 and we haven’t heard anything for 2.5 weeks.

    At this point, I much rather invest money in Smartthings devices than wait even one more day for a Wimoto device to show up.

    I learned my lesson from this. At least I got a refund from the Owletcare crowd funding project. They were decent enough to offer it once they were well past expected launch date.

    Let’s face it – Can Wimoto even succeed anymore? Where’s the competitive advantage one and a half years past planned launch? Everyone else has sensors on the market already. Sorry to be Debbie Downer.

  12. is this a lost cause, unfortunately I think it is looking
    More and more likely

  13. Come on wimoto pull us finger out, tell us what’s doin

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