The Norsk Gods Are Smiling On Us?

Nordic Semiconductor were able to deliver two software workarounds this evening for the silicon issues that have been causing our temperature-related instability in the new firmware.

The only downside is a small bump in power consumption, but not enough to really make a material difference and stability trumps an extra week or two of battery life 🙂

We’ll be testing them over the weekend to ensure they really fix the overall issue and will provide an update on Sunday.


  1. Great news, hopefully Loki is done messing with you.
    Looking forward to future updates.

  2. Oh Em Gee! Great news!!!

    1. Well, we haven’t tested it yet….but the engineer we’ve been working with is a pretty conservative chap, so we’re pretty hopeful. Nordic have been very supportive — always better to work with an organization that acknowledges their flaws and corrects them, than one who pretends everything is perfect 🙂

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