Monthly Archives: January 2015

We’re On Like Donkey Kong

Firmware Stability The fixes for working around silicon issues that Nordic provided initially showed some good results in that they removed the stability issues during extreme, rapid temperature change (freeze a Wimoto Climate to ~-15c, then bring it to ~+40c quickly). However, when we started to power profile the devices earlier this week, we found […]

Loki Has Left The Building

Preliminary testing of the temperature/timing fix from Nordic was encouraging. We still need to power profile the changes, which we’ll do tomorrow.

The Norsk Gods Are Smiling On Us?

Nordic Semiconductor were able to deliver two software workarounds this evening for the silicon issues that have been causing our temperature-related instability in the new firmware. The only downside is a small bump in power consumption, but not enough to really make a material difference and stability trumps an extra week or two of battery […]

Update on Firmware Instability

We’ve been working with our Nordic Application Engineer over the weekend, although he was off yesterday as it was Martin Luther King day. He’s been somewhat able to recreate our problem in that he can cause some instability by using a hairdryer to rapidly change temperature — however, we generally do the opposite in our […]

Small Things Can Make a Huge Difference

Firmware Stability If you read our blog update about our time at Global EMC doing our EMC and safety testing, you may recall we’d noticed something strange: our new firmware seemed a little unstable (it stopped “broadcasting”). We’d thought it was a software bug and have spent a ungodly amount of effort trying to trace […]