Getting ready for take-off

A few quick updates…

Thermo, Sentry and Leak EN 61000-4-2 Testing

We made the recommended design changes to Thermo and Leak to pass EN 61000-4-2 ESD testing. We haven’t been able to get them re-tested yet due to the availability at the test house, but will get back there as soon as possible. Sentry didn’t require any changes other than making sure it was in its final production configuration.

We’re continuing our ‘journey’ with Apple with respect to App Store approval. No major roadblocks other than time/timing is hurting us right now. iTunes Connect is closing down for submissions on the 18th and shuts down completely from the 22nd to 29th, so there’s a huge amount of struggle getting things submitted (we literally couldn’t submit builds yesterday, although it was better early this morning) and approved right now.

That said, we’re also using Apple’s Test Flight program and we could do with a few more people to sign up and help validate a few things in the app (mainly that it doesn’t crash on your device and that there’re no layout issues — you obviously can’t test the sensor functionality without the required hardware, but you can access the ‘demo’ mode). In particular, we’re looking for:

– Folks with iOS 7.x devices
– iPhone 4s users
– Folks with a locale set to something other than English

If you’d like to get in on the Test Flight, please drop a note to contact [at] wimoto [dot] com and put “Test Flight” in the subject line and we’ll add you to the next build!


  1. email sent 😉

  2. I know it’s the holidays, but we’re almost 10 days since last update. What’s preventing shipment at this stage?

    1. Hi David,

      Shipments should start after the 5th of Jan for the first wave of Climate’s and Sentry’s.

      1. Shawn P. Bernard · ·

        That sounds really great. Will you notify us individually when our particular shipments are slated to be sent out? How is the cloud cube coming along?

      2. Hi Shawn,

        Yes, you’ll get an email from our Shipping App letting you know when your package is on the way.

        Mesh (as it’s called these days) is coming along. We’ve had to make some physical changes to the design along the way to get it to pass ESD testing (who knew that would be so an issue?!).


      3. I;m sure we’re closer to shipment, but are you guys any closer to an estimated shipment date?

  3. Hey,

    I’m from Germany and interested in a wimoto Sentry. Is there a possibility, how i could get one?

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Nick,

      They should be available from Amazon in Germany some time in the New Year.

  4. Good news: The Wimotos will definitely become available some time after New Year’s Day.
    Bad news: we’re still not sure about the year.
    :-DDD *SCNR*

    1. Thank you for your constructive feedback, Ben.

  5. moniradhu · ·

    so what’s the update now ? have you started shipping yet

  6. Where’s my shipping update? Better yet, where’s my Sentry? Or, even better, where’s my refund? I’m tired of excuses and meaningless updates. Ship or refund.

  7. It would be good to have another update on progress. You did mention shipping starting after 5th Jan

  8. Seriously, guys, what’s happening here? A little update for us would be good, seeing as shipment was supposed to be under way over a week ago…

  9. Oh, and why are you blocking my comments but letting other people post? I paid just like they did for physical merchandise I have yet to receive.

    1. Hi, we don’t [knowingly] block any comments….the automatic spam filters may catch repeated posts and not automatically approve them, though.

  10. please update and SHIP!

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