Run, EMC!

We spent yesterday doing our final EMC scans with our friends at Global EMC. We passed EMC testing within FCC, Industry Canada, and CE guidelines for all devices (and we tested at “Class B” which is stricter) plus also passed our CISPR 11 for the Grow as it’s an “unintentional transmitter”. Today we’re dong immunity (blasting everything with large amounts of radio frequencies and seeing what happens) and safety testing (blasting everything with large amounts of static electricity and magnetism).


If the red line crosses the blue line, the universe ceases to exist


I’m pretty sure this is just a big TV antenna 😉


You’re not allowed in the anechoic chamber when testing is running, so you get to watch it on TV!


Naked Wimoto’s….so small they had to be taped to the table as the whole thing rotates when testing starts.


The anechoic chamber. Or semi-anechoic as they tell me as it doesn’t have its ferrite core tiles on the floor for this test.


I wonder if these tiles would look nice in my bathroom?


When this thing moves, it reminds me of the Dalek’s in Dr Who.


  1. Very interesting look inside the process! The pace of updates the last couple of days has been awesome. Thanks guys.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying reading them 🙂

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