First production panels have started to arrive

Late Friday evening (thanks, DHL) we took delivery of our first batch of mass production PCB panels from our Contract Manufacturer. This was a batch of 300 Climate’s and 100 Sentry’s.

We’ve spot-checked them and the Climate’s are performing as expected. There’s one component on the Sentry’s that needs some rework; but it’s only 100-units so we can do that in-house (we need to rotate the Passive Infrared Sensor part — luckily it’s a through-hole part, so it’s not a huge deal to break out a soldering iron and do it. Myself and Lorenzo will tag-team for a few hours doing this).


2*5 Wimoto Climate panels…with one removed for testing. Amazing to this this started out as 65+ components…although a lot of them are now included in the SoC (the green sub-PCB with the metal shielding).


Thankfully, our floor is concrete and not Nylon carpet.

We’re going to assemble these early next week (stuff them into plastic enclosures, add batteries and battery pull tabs, assemble the product and shipping cartons, etc.) and start sending them out. As per previous updates, we’ll be starting with North American backers whose current selections match what we have to hand. We’ll then move to international orders that match this criterion. Please note we can’t change your selections at this point — it creates horrible inventory and manufacturing issues.

You will get a shipping alert email letting you know your Perk is ready and verifying your details.

The second batch of 1690 Climates is still in manufacturing, but should leave the CM shortly where it then goes to Customs before being shipped (they’re subject to import/export license as the parts are temporarily imported, assembled, then exported — this has nothing to do with getting through Customs in Canada).

I know everyone wants “final dates”, so we’re working on providing final, FINAL dates for when everyone will have their Perks in their hands. There’re a lot of variables we don’t have direct control over that we need to factor in to this. We’ve bene overly optimistic about how fast things can happen between multiple parties, and for that I apologize.

Final Regulatory Testing
We’re at the EMC testing house tomorrow (and likely for the rest of the week) doing our final EMC scans for FCC, Industry Canada and CE plus the paperwork for CE Declaration of Conformity and Industry Canada filing for our BLE system-on-a-chip (we already have FCC, CE and TELEC). As many of our European backers likely know, the Declaration of Conformity is a requirement for successful (and legal) European shipments.

We’ve now FedEx’d production units to our friends in Cupertino for App Store approval which also included having to make friends with FCC Form 740. We toyed with sending engineering samples, but that may have just muddied the waters here. Hopefully we’ll have good news on that front next week, although as a reminder, Apple don’t promise SLAs although the letter we received did say they’d continue the review “within a few days of receiving hardware”.

Eugene’s also finding time to bring the Android app up to parity (it doesn’t have the Data Logger functionality, or the over-the-air Device Firmware Update service built-in yet). If we can’t get those finished and tested before we start shipping hardware, we’ll do an interim release of that and a follow-up release to add that functionality back in.


  1. Happy to heard that all is progressing, but if you still need to receive the main batch production – that still has to go through customs – then packaging it yourself, then wait for Apple store approval, then distributing first to North America, then wait for the CE approval, then finally send to EU (where I live)… well not before mid next year!!!
    and this for something I have paid in 2013 and I should have received in 2013 accordingly to your perk!! we will be in mid 2015, who pay the interest of my money? sorry guys you are nice but when it is really this late apologies are probably not enough, I am disappointed.

    1. Gio and I have connected via email on this subject and he’s provided some good feedback.

  2. Whatever Gio. They may have used indiegogo, but I feel this post applies:

    We have invested in an ambitious startup. Welcome to the world of angel investing.

    1. No infighting between backers, please 🙂

      We’re late. We take accountability for that and our overly optimistic outlook on scheduling.

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