Monthly Archives: December 2014

Getting ready for take-off

A few quick updates… Thermo, Sentry and Leak EN 61000-4-2 Testing We made the recommended design changes to Thermo and Leak to pass EN 61000-4-2 ESD testing. We haven’t been able to get them re-tested yet due to the availability at the test house, but will get back there as soon as possible. Sentry didn’t […]

Wrapping-up a busy week

At the risk of providing too many updates in one week… 😉 Regulatory Testing Results Regulatory and compliance testing (final EMC scans, EU safety testing, and some special testing required for Grow) went very well overall. We had some minor issues with stability on Thermo, but those were likely related to a manual hardware fix or […]

Run, EMC!

We spent yesterday doing our final EMC scans with our friends at Global EMC. We passed EMC testing within FCC, Industry Canada, and CE guidelines for all devices (and we tested at “Class B” which is stricter) plus also passed our CISPR 11 for the Grow as it’s an “unintentional transmitter”. Today we’re dong immunity […]

The jig is up!

One of the interesting things about making something from the ground-up is that sometimes the tools you need to perform a task don’t actually exist and also need to be created. This is fairly obvious in terms of tooling for PCBs, injection moulding, etc. But less obvious is the tooling you need for things such […]

First production panels have started to arrive

Late Friday evening (thanks, DHL) we took delivery of our first batch of mass production PCB panels from our Contract Manufacturer. This was a batch of 300 Climate’s and 100 Sentry’s. We’ve spot-checked them and the Climate’s are performing as expected. There’s one component on the Sentry’s that needs some rework; but it’s only 100-units so […]