Hi folks,

We’re coming out of the engine room after several weeks of frantic development, testing, and manufacturing readiness.



The iOS app (partly rewritten for iOS8; which is why it’s already at version 1.0.1) is ‘waiting for review’ on iTunes Connect  and we’re at the mercy of the Apple app approval team. We’ve done as much upfront legwork as possible to ensure timely approval.

Version 1.0.2 includes a bit of an app “walkthrough” and a “demo mode” to play with the app without any actual sensors. It should be submitted next week after testing, assuming no fires between now and then!

A few reminders:

– iOS 7.1 is currently the minimum supported iOS version we can support due to some changes in CoreBluetooth
– We’ve made mention of this ever since the campaign, but as a reminder: iPhone 4s or newer or New iPad (3rd generation) hardware is required. 5th generation iPod touch also happens to work, although this isn’t a platform we test on.
– It’s a good idea to leave auto update for apps enabled as we’ll be making improvements/fixes rapidly.

Climate iOSiTunes Connect

One of the major iOS8 features we’ve taken advantage of is Local Notification Actions. If, like me, you thought iOS doesn’t seem much different to iOS7 — you’re right, a lot of the changes are buried or subtle. One of those changes is that apps are now allowed to control actions directly from Notifications. In the context of Wimoto, what this means is that when we display a notification (such as an alarm from a Sentry – see below) we can tell our app (even when it’s not running in the foreground) to take certain actions based on the user’s response to that notification.

Right now, we’ve implemented the ability to dismiss an alarm (something of a given) but also switch off an alarm completely. This works whilst you’re in other apps, on your lock screen….everywhere. It’s pretty slick. We’ve also ‘registered’ our app as a Notifications provider which means that the user can control the style of Notification (banner, badge, none, no sound etc.) and it also means the app observes Do Not Disturb settings.


The core Android app has been finished since around our last update, but we’ll be making some minor UX and UI changes before pushing it into Google Play.


All of our firmware was updated to Nordic Semiconductor’s SoftDevice 7.x Bluetooth Low Energy stack and regression tested. This introduces a few features:

#1: the Bluetooth stack is now “over-the-air” upgradeable from the app. This is important for some forthcoming features, and means that Wimoto’s don’t have to be returned to us to get their Bluetooth stack upgraded (not really very practical!).

#2: we’re now Bluetooth 4.1 Specification complaint, although that really doesn’t mean much 🙂

#3: we now support concurrent Broadcast and Peripheral mode for all our devices. This was extremely important to create a better user experience with the Mesh (which is the final name for the Cloud Cube/Nimbus) gateway as it allows a Wimoto to be connected to by a smart device whilst (and for that device to receive alerts etc. from the Wimoto) whilst also broadcasting data to the gateway. It has been a struggle getting the gateway working the way we wanted it to previously because of this.

We’ve also snuck in a new feature that timestamps the last alarm event for any sensor — regardless of the app being within range of the Wimoto or not.


Manufacturing continue to be our biggest struggle, partly ironing out issues, partly logistics (the latency of moving things around the planet), and partly because we’re doing things in several locations.

Climate: in production — first batch (300 units) expected to arrive back in Canada November 14th or earlier, with a second batch of 1700 units very shortly after that
Sentry: in production — first small batch expected to arrive November 14th or earlier with a second [larger] batch shortly after that
Thermo: approved for manufacture — temperature probes expected to arrive at Wimoto HQ today (October 29th) — waiting on contract manufacturer to commit to schedule
Leak (Water): approved for manufacture — waiting on contract manufacturer to commit to schedule
Grow: currently blocked by manufacturing issue with soil moisture sensor which we are hoping to resolve this week and we can then approve it for manufacturing

KEY: Green is good. Orange is waiting, but no issues. Red is an issue.


  1. chrisbartley · ·

    Excellent, thanks for this update. Very much appreciated, and I’m glad to hear all the good news.

    Any ballpark estimates for when the Mesh might ship?

  2. Robert Waller · ·

    Nice update report – thanks!


  3. Thanks. Any new shipping date estimations? Looking forward to receive my climate for my wine cellar which is waiting for many months… 😉

  4. what is the “-74dB” that the iOS screenshot of the climate above have on the top left corner?

  5. Hi all,
    what about the mote.cloud bridge?

  6. Hello,

    Like everyone said, thanks for the update! Quick question, what if you ordered a climate, sentry, and grow? It appears from the update that the climate and sentry will be available before the grow (maybe long before). Will having a grow as one of your perks delay the shipping of my items or will you ship out the two available first and then the grow later when it becomes available? Thanks.

  7. Dale C. Carlson · ·

    Still looking forward to my package of three from the beginning back when all I had was ipad 2. Oops it still is all I have….

  8. Can you please update about Grow mote??Is the issue solved??

  9. Any updates on shipping ANY product yet?

  10. Can we also get an update on the cloud unit?

  11. Any update do you expect to ship soon, my bonsai has died waiting for the grow moto. Any chance I can switch to all sentry.

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