Hi folks.

A quick update on shipping preparations.

Green Status (All is Good)

– Our shipment of batteries arrived, as some of you might seen. They needed to be shipped by camel as they’re a significant HazMat 🙂
– Our outer shipping cartons have arrived.
– We’re re-enabling editing of Perks for those who need to do that TODAY. Confirmations for Grand St. pre-orders will also go out today. Any Amazon pre-orders are entirely outside of our control, but they should all get fulfilled in the next few weeks too (as Amazon are very efficient once good arrive at their fulfillment centres).

Orange Status (Waiting – No Major Issues Expected)

– We’ll start the App Store review process this week, and Google Play next week. The nice folks at indicates average review time for the App Store is ~10-days right now. Google Play takes about 3-hours and I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about that 😉
– Product packaging is taking longer than expected due to artwork issues. These have been resolved and we are now waiting on the printer.
– The stainless steel thermometer probes for Thermo (Thermo has an IR and probe thermometer) still haven’t arrived from China. Part of this was Autumn Festival, although Autumn Festival wasn’t very long this year, so we’re escalating this with the supplier. This only slows down Thermo shipments.
– Still waiting on the final PCBs. No issues are expected, it’s just taking longer than expected. This is unfortunately on the critical path as firmware programming and box integration (putting everything together) can’t start until they arrive.
– We’re still working out the Declaration of Conformity paperwork with our EMC testing house for European Union orders.

Red Status (Risk Involved)

– Our firmware team in India have been porting our firmware to a new version of Nordic’s SDK/SoftDevice. We would love to include this version of our firmware with shipments to crowd-funding backers for one very simple reason: it allows the Bluetooth Low Energy radio stack to be updated in the future without having to return the device to Wimoto. Whilst the Bluetooth specifications don’t change very often, the BLE spec has changed during this project with the update from 4.0 to 4.1 So, the plan here is to include this update if we can get it finished and tested in time — otherwise we’ll ship the current firmware. This does not affect the ability to update our portion of the firmware via the app.

Overall Shipping Status
We’re probably about 2-weeks behind our North American expected shipping date of September 25th right now. We may be able to make some of that up. The Rest of the World expected shipping date may slip by about a week, but there shouldn’t be a directly proportional offset as we should be able to catch-up a little bit.

Moving The Entire Operation Back To Canada

Like many small companies/crowd-funding projects, we’ve had to use some sub-contractors along the way for various things (some of the firmware development, some of the app development). Whilst this is good in that it gives you access to resources “when and if” you need them, it also creates some headaches:

– Sometimes sub-contractors aren’t as responsive or as timely as they could/should be
– Even if sub-contractors are responsive and timely, there’s a latency added to getting things done (wait for an update, go do something with that update, send results back, wait for an update….)
– You lose aspects of momentum and teamwork when you’re not all in one location (let alone timezone)

So, to that end we’re starting to execute on our plan of bringing as much work back to North America as possible and centralizing everything here in Toronto to join me (Marc), Shela and the other folk who help us out with bits and pieces.

Our first new hire is a firmware engineer (Lorenzo) who starts on Tuesday 23rd. The lucky guy’s first job is to optimize our firmware burning procedure whilst helping me burn the first 5,000 units 🙂

We’re also actively hiring for help with the platform side of things as that also needs more love. If node.js, MongoDB, Couchbase, D3.js, data visualization, and RESTful APIs excite you, please drop us a note.

Thank You

Thank you for everyone’s support and patience getting here. It’s not been an easy journey (for various reasons) and we’re looking forward to getting product in your hands and hearing about all the wonderful things you’re doing with them.

-marc + shela + lorenzo


  1. Rather have a delay and get the updateable firmware

    1. Just want to re-clarify: you can update *our* portion of the firmware today.

      in essence, there are two applications running on the Nordic silicon. One is of our design and making (our firmware) and the other is supplied by Nordic and is a software-based Bluetooth Low Energy stack. It’s the latter that moving to “SoftDevice” 7.0 (as they call the software Bluetooth stack) allows to be updated over-the-air.

      But, yes, it’s a very nice feature to be able to update the BLE stack itself and we have a feature on our roadmap that will require it…..but I can’t say what it does just yet 🙂

    2. chrisbartley · ·

      Agree. I’d rather wait to receive mine too, if it means having the option of easily updating the BLE stack.

  2. Patrick Anderson · ·

    The shipping app still does not work. It is the same as it was a month ago. Cannot make/change selections.

  3. grant coleman · ·

    Do you have a link for the editing of our shipping??

    Cheers Grant

  4. Do you have a link to update our perks selection

    1. It will be the same link you received in the confirmation email. 🙂

      1. grant coleman · ·

        Please can you resend I can’t find— Sent from Mailbox

      2. grant coleman · ·

        Ok I tried the shipping app and there was no change?— Sent from Mailbox

        On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 12:38 PM, grant coleman wrote:

        > Please can you resend I can’t find— > Sent from Mailbox

  5. · ·

    Any news when the shipping app will be fixed so we can correctly specify our perks?
    Info provided by email previously to Shela doesn’t seem to have made it to the database.

  6. I still can’t update my perks. Same problems as before? Maybe it isn’t TODAY yet?

  7. Ok but the shipping app is STILL not working for me?? Is it my browser

  8. The perk selection is not working for me either. Using Firefox.

  9. Marc, Shela,
    I will also willing to wait for this firmware upgrade – is there any way you can provide this option for us to choose?

    1. I imagine that would be too complicated to coordinate, but I can look into this for you. 🙂

    2. It’s very likely that shipping and the SD7 firmware will coalesce. If so, we’ll be shipping with the new firmware.

  10. Shipping App is not working for me either. I’ve tried Windows Explorer, Chrome on Windows and the Android browser on my phone. I have two select 5 perks and the gateway. Any suggestions?

  11. This IS getting a bit frustrating, NO response to my observation that the shipping app IS NOT WORKING. I need to change my perk selection on this app. Even though I have previously updated that info via email and it has not been corrected. I got a ticket response email 3 days ago?

    1. I’m having the same perk selection issues as well.

  12. Grant: I think they mentioned what they’re doing here: I doubt they’ll screw you over, just give them time in these last weeks before shipping.

    They have your ticket, they won’t forget you.

  13. Editing of perks *still* does not work. I still have only 2 motes out of a pack of 5 selected and cannot update the numbers. I sent email a few weeks back and was told the database would be updated to correct my perk selection but that has not been done either.

    1. davesnowdon · ·

      Perk selection & payment works for me now – thanks.

      1. Great to hear! Thanks for letting us know.

  14. They must be busy responding to all emails, instead of commenting here. Which would be good. Who ever designed their shipping app needs to be … We can’t be the only ones

  15. Sorry everyone!! You should now be able to edit your perks. Please try again and if you have any issues, contact me directly at: contact [ at ] wimoto [ dot ] com.

  16. chrisbartley · ·

    Perk selection page won’t even load for me. Just hangs until it eventually times out.

  17. I get an unable to connect error now.

  18. Patrick Anderson · ·

    “This webpage is not available”

    Wimoto, you are almost there! Keep trying!

  19. I was able to update my perks, but did not get any confirmation. Should we expect confirmation once we update our perks and submit?

    1. Yah!! Updated my perks but do we get confirmation email?

      1. Was also able to finally update perks but was unable to pay international shipping because payment app decline ALL my credit cards.
        I know YOU have a problem 🙂

      2. Stripe won’t validate my card, got heaps money in bank??

      3. This post is getting really long now. Hope they
        Busy fixing the issues. Is anyone having probs with making payments. Mine still not accept my card, says not valid?

        Shela and Marc please respond here if you have heard any of these issues

      4. I’m having issues making payments too. The perk selection seems to finally work, though.

  20. When I click the button to enter my CC information, I see a box from Stripe where I can enter the information, but in the upper right-hand corner of the screen is a bright yellow box that says “Test Mode”.

    If I enter my CC information in Test Mode, will it go to the right place?

    1. Thanks for letting us know! That’s very strange. We’ll take a look and let you know. 🙂

  21. Hi everyone.. there’s no confirmation email once it goes through. There will be a “green” colour confirmation on screen. Happy to hear people are able to update their perks!

    We’re aware that some people are unable to process the shipping fee. We’re currently looking into it. Thanks for your patience, we’ll get it sorted soon!

  22. Hey guys, the shipping app says expected ship date of Thursday the 25th (yesterday). Any idea on actual ship date?

    1. We’re currently about 2 weeks behind schedule.

      1. chrisbartley · ·

        Awesome, thanks! Can’t wait. Any news on the Cloud Cube/Nimbus?

      2. You’re welcome! Not yet… it’s being worked on in the background, but getting the Wimotos out the door is a higher priority currently. 🙂

      3. Shela, I know you said about two weeks, and that would be about tomorrow. Any idea if shipping is happening this week? What about the companion apps?

  23. Finally got everything working. Perks updated, cc accepted and confirmed for shipping date of October 8th.

    Now to wait for shipment to arrive to start playing with my new gadgets. Cant wait.

    1. Happy to hear it! Thanks for letting us know. We can’t wait, too. 🙂

  24. Stripe is now accepting payment, yippie. Did anyone get confirmation email for making payment?

  25. Any update on progress, hopefully every one was able to make payment

    1. Seems to be smooth sailing on the shipping payment front!

  26. Scott Trulock · ·

    Do you have an update on Grand St. Preorder confirmations? It’s been 2 weeks, and no confirmation email yet…

  27. Gaston Paradis · ·

    2 weeks behind for shipment from September 25. This means shipment on October 9th.
    What is the current status?

    1. Ok guys could you keep us in the loop

  28. Any updates on shipping???

  29. What’s going on with Grand St. pre-orders? I’ve got two orders through them, and haven’t gotten any confirmation emails. There hasn’t been any updates on that site for months. Thanks.

    1. Sorry, Jeff! We’re currently focusing on the firmware upgrade, so we can get the devices out the door, but we will be sending out the Grand St confirmation emails hopefully soon.

  30. Hi Guys,
    can we expct shipping soon?
    It’s been a while and we still don’t have a shipping date.
    Would be good if you can give some light in whats’s going on behind the sence.

  31. Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the radio silence! We’re currently testing the new firmware upgrade the we were able to do before shipping, so that has set us a little behind. Although it has caused a bit of a delay, we know everyone will appreciate this upgrade out-of-the-box.

    Once we’ve worked out the kinks, we should be posting soon to update everyone on the shipping timeline.

  32. Guys…It’s been a while with a list of delays…when do you realistically think we’ll see product delivered?

      1. It’s actually not really funny.
        the question was “when”…..

      2. This has become a bit of a joke. We are now waiting for you to update firmware, that could be done anytime after we actually receive the product.

  33. Did anyone else laugh out loud upon reading “We’re probably about 2-weeks behind…”?
    It’s more like “We’re probably about ONE YEAR and 2-weeks behind”
    Just in case you don’t remember: The original estimated shipping date was September 2013.

    Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my first crowdfunding.
    I’m used to delays.
    They happen. No big deal.
    I calculated ~3 months delay when intending the wimotos to be a christmas present (2013) for my wife.
    I wasn’t too concerned when this didn’t work out, and expected them to arrive in time to be a birthday present (may 2014).
    That birthday is long gone by now, and frankly i’m looking for a different christmas present for 2014 because i’m currently not too optimistic that i will get the wimotos in time.
    Or ever.
    Because you’ve been “one step away from shipping” for more than 3 months now.
    With always another excuse surfacing.
    My patience is nearly over.
    Thus the the only valid answer i’m waiting for is:
    “Your wimotos have been shipped, and here’s your tracking code”
    Your turn.

    1. I hear what you’re saying. We keep updating everyone because we want to keep the lines of communication open. Without that, we leave people in the dark. So, we try our best to estimate and share what we know at the time. I understand your frustration. I am sorry for that. We’ll get there. 🙂

      1. chrisbartley · ·

        Thanks, Shela. At this point, I’d love it if y’all could share updates more often, even every 2-3 days. Doesn’t matter how mundane or technical, but I’d appreciate a closer look into the progress being made and the tasks/challenges remaining. Even if it’s “oh, crap, such-and-such didn’t work, we need to try again with a different approach.” I do software for a living, so I definitely understand estimates, time slippage, feature creep, etc., but I’ve found that more communication with the client is better, even if it’s not always good news. Thanks.

  34. Shela can you tell us REALLY what it me and “we’ll get there”?
    You were finally ready to ship – I got from your tool a delivery date for October, then you just had to update the firmware and I cannot believe this take you so long!

    This is really really really really frustrating… Just another crowd funded project is worst (Lima on KS) – but being second worst is not good.

  35. So it’s been over a month since the last blog post. You guys may want to take 20 minutes to create a very comprehensive blog post about what’s going on. The level of communication lately has been pretty awful. What about Android and iPhone companion apps? We haven’t seen a peep on those in a long time. What about final product glamour shots, or pictures of the final box design? These are the basics a good campaign deliver at this stage, but it requires a team to be passionate about their product.

  36. no news bad news?

  37. Uwe Seidel · ·

    hello wimoto-team, when you fulfill (not expect) shipping to germany?! BR uwe

    1. We’re working on it! Hoping to have them out to everyone soon. We’re working hard behind the scenes to overcome our challenges. : )

      1. wow, what a commitment – soon…..
        I have the impression we’ve been there
        Déjà vu

        Maybe it’s time to tell us bout your challenges a bit more about how you aproach them and waht you do to fix them.

      2. We have posted about our challenges and we will continue to as we’re able. I know the wait hasn’t been easy for everyone.

      3. Shela, does this mean you don;t have a clue what’s going on?
        Shipping end of Sep, maybe delayed by 2 weeks or so. now we are writing almost the 1st of December. Another 2 months have passed without getting closer to a final shipping date.
        You posted about our challanges about 2 months ago, I can’t see real updates from your side.

        Let me ask a questions, do you think there will be a shippment in 2014? If not, 1st Quarter or more likely 2nd?

        It’s frustrated to hear all the excuses but no solid information. No timelines you can count on.
        You guys started this project and asked for our help(money), so now it’s time to tell the truth what’s going on, what has been done in the last 2 months.

      4. Hope you saw the latest post and that it answered some of your questions. We’re doing our best to update as we can. As you can tell, there are a lot of variables involved with a project as complex as this.

  38. Would be nice after all this time, that there was a solid timeline. Maybe we will get them for Xmas??

    1. I’m sorry if we sound wishy-washy. I promise as soon as we have a solid idea of a timeline we’ll share it.

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