Shipping Fees Credit Card Processing – UPDATE

Good evening!

I hope this post finds you well. Marc deployed some fixes today that should have the credit card processing working better. We’re still working on issues with fixing your perk selections, so there is some work yet to be done.

We’ll keep you posted! Please wait to try again unless all you needed to do was pay your shipping fees. If you have any questions or concerns, as always, feel free to contact me directly at: contact [at] wimoto [ dot ] com.

Warm regards,



  1. Sheila, any progress in the last 3 days??

  2. Hi Grant! We’re still working on the app issues. So far people are having better luck with the app failing to load and the credit card processing is working better. We’re still working on the perk data fixes and the ability to change your perk selections.

  3. Any information bout how to fix kind the wimotos we want!Still can’t fix this issue

    1. Hi Madalena! It’s not an issue on your side. We’re working on it. I sent you an email with further details; hopefully you got it. 🙂

  4. Surely there’s got be an easier way??

  5. Sorry to hear that you’ve had so much trouble with the shipping app. Sorry for you and for myself..

    Lesson to learn from this is clearly:
    Don’t try to do everything yourself. Spend that extra money on having experts handle the things you’re not an expert on.

    Up untill shipping, this project was really impressively managed, the best managed project I had ever backed. A shame that it ends on a bit of a sour note.

    But don’t worry, once I get my Wimotes I’ll forgive the mistakes at the end. I’m not a bitter and unforgiving person (unfortunately, some are though).

  6. All quiet again, any progress on app, or why not use email to confirm perks and then a paypal link for shipping payments??

  7. Paul Bouillon · ·

    Any new updates?

  8. chrisbartley · ·

    How are things coming with the perk selection fix?

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