Hi everyone,

As promised, here I am with another quick update! We should be able to do a release tomorrow with some fixes, for those of you who were experiencing issues with the confirmation email and app.

Thanks for your patience,



  1. Thanks Shela and Marc!

    just for you to know (even if this is a bit to late), I have backed this project:

    It closed on August 15 and alredy on August 22 they had all the app/email list being sent to 7794 backers and I received already everything to be honest in a more porfessional look & feel than your app.

    I guess they are using an app which is already well tested, this one:

    NudeAudio Super-M is using BackerKit to help their backers get exactly what they want. If you have questions about BackerKit, check out the BackerKit FAQs, read the Privacy Policy or email

    They will also be able to provide the 8000+ products in September all around the world (free shipping), so the time between the fill in of the backer kit and the post sending is optimised.

    Just to tell you for your next project how you coudl optimise thing and make the “customer” happy also about this part.


    1. Hey.. thanks for thinking of us. Unfortunately, BackerKit can’t be used for complex perk configurations like ours.

  2. Hello, Shela!
    Do we get any e-mail confirming the form and shipping payment was successfully received by you guys? My payment was confirmed, but clicking the “Confirm” button didn’t provide any indication of success beyond immediately turning green.

    1. Hello, Thiago! Green means you’re good to go. There isn’t a confirmation email. You don’t really want another email from us, do you? 🙂 Not to worry, we’ll let you know if there are any issues with your order.

      1. Hello, Shela!

        Yes, I would like another e-mail. 🙂 I don’t mind getting confirmation e-mails at all. 😉 There were a lot of issues regarding the perks and shipping information, so a confirmation e-mail would allow me be more confident everything worked this time.

      2. Sorry, Thiago, that was a little joke. 🙂 I understand and I’m sorry for the trouble. A confirmation email is not being sent once you’ve confirmed. The “green” at the end of the process means you’re good to go. We’ll let you know if there are any issues!

  3. Peter Middleton · ·

    Hi Shela

    Has this issue been fixed yet?

    Still NOT working here.

    Please advise when you think you have fixed the issue so I know when to try again.


    1. Hi Peter… sorry for the frustrating experience. The credit card processing should be working better as of today, but we’re still working on issues with fixing perk selections. We will for sure post as we fix things, so you know when it’s safe to try again.

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