Hey everyone!

You may have noticed in the comments that I’ve been filling everyone in, but I wanted to post a quick blog update to make sure everyone knows the latest.

Marc found some issues with’s API which we had to code around. Also, as you may remember, a little while ago I posted that Marc had a bit of an accident. Unfortunately, because of this, he has a pretty brutal physiotherapy schedule right now, so things are slower than normal. The Shipping App is up on Amazon. Final testing and switching the shipping and credit card processing over from “test” to “production” happened today, so they’re set to be sent out tomorrow – fingers crossed.

We’re gettin’ there. 

You know we appreciate you hanging in there, but I’ll say it again: We really appreciate you hanging in there!
Warm regards,



  1. We don’t mind hanging in there but is frustrating when you don’t explain what is happening. Hope Marc is ok, but it seems he is to indispensable.

    Here’s hoping the future development is not relying on just one person?

    1. ​A more than reasonable request. : )

      Yes, if only we could mass-produce Marc. Start-up woes. ​

  2. I mind hanging in there! This has gone on long enough! Is there a real contact number/e-mail I can contact?

    I am beginning other processes with this transaction and would like to talk to someone real before proceeding. Please advise us of a contact number. Thanks.

  3. Does the BBB cover Canada? Does anyone know?

  4. Could I please get your Postal Code there in Canada. would like to know?

  5. I agree with Grant, for what it’s worth.

  6. chrisbartley · ·

    @Andy I got my shipping confirmation email this morning, hopefully you did too.

  7. Well, I just got my mail, but when I click on ‘Take me to the shipping app’ connection to gets refused…?

  8. I get this “The Shipping App is down for maintenance due to some issues and volume. Please try again in a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

  9. Tried it with Internet Explorer and Firefox, both didn’t work. Usually they time out, once I got a security error message (authentication problem?).

  10. To everyone else, I’m sorry for the App trouble. I’m hoping you saw Marc’s latest post ( We’ll be posting again tomorrow to give you an update. Things are looking much better so far.

    Andy, please contact me directly with a phone number if you would like to talk to someone about your order. You can email me at: contact [ at ] wimoto [ dot ] com.

  11. rkatzenberger · ·

    I still haven’t received any shipping confirmation or email whatsoever. Please contact me via email to confirm that you still have my original backer contribution on file.

    1. Thanks for letting us know! Sorry to hear that. I’ve contacted you via email. We’ll get it sorted, not to worry. 🙂

  12. Also still waiting for a shipping confirmation

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