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*** Video now fixed by linking to Vimeo **

Android Companion App

To differentiate between the apps we’ve developed and the demo apps we’re providing for various platforms, we’re now referring to the app you’ll be able to download and use immediately with Wimoto’s as the “companion app”.


We’ve finished the major components of the Android app (local Couchbase implementation/replication/CRUD operations, BLE helpers, sensor helpers, most of the GUI). There are some UI bugs to clear up (see attached video — it’s not really 450c in my garden!) and we still have to integrate the firmware update features and data logger downloader.

It very closely mimics the iOS app — which, unfortunately, is no small feat on Android! :/

As a reminder, this app requires Android 4.3 (Developer API 18) and hardware support for Bluetooth Smart (which means the vendor must integrate with the “Google APIs”). We develop and test on Nexus 4, but any device meeting these requirements should work.

Android Demo App

I haven’t had a chance to clean up the Android demo app code base (which is a source code example for those who want to develop their own apps with Wimoto’s), but will do that this weekend and get it onto the public side of our Github.

The demo finds a Wimoto Climate and reads sensor data from it via BLE. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive demo, but should give the adventurous some clues on how to get started.

We will release an iOS demo app, but that’ll have to wait until after shipping!


  1. Paul Bouillon · ·

    Awesome! Any updates with regards to shipping? Should I have received a shipping notification yet? Or are they still being sent out “by the end of next week”?

  2. Hi Paul, I’m literally migrating the Shipping Confirmation app to Amazon right now….you should get an email within 48-hours, unless something breaks badly 🙂


  3. Paul Bouillon · ·

    Nice 🙂 . Were all of the shipping confirmations sent out for the indiegogo backers? I haven’t received that confirmation either…(I purchased wimotos from amazon and indiegogo)

    1. The Shipping Confirmation app is going live on our Amazon infrastructure right now….not be confused with the handheld apps 🙂

      Then I’ll trigger the emails that have the links to the Shipping Confirmation app, and you should see one of those within 48-hours.

      We had to build an entire app for shipping as the permutations of Perk selections, shipping (which has to be based on Perk selection size/weight), etc. was too challenging to manually process.

      Amazon fulfill their orders, so they’ll handle that in whatever way they normally notify customers on backorders.

  4. Ios app support should be easier than android

    1. Yes, a lot of the foundational work was easier on iOS…especially as there’re lots of good quality controls and frameworks.

      But Objective-C/Cocoa isn’t exactly the most fun programming experience 🙂

  5. So to confirm Indigo backers will see shipping confirmation within 48 hours??

      1. chrisbartley · ·

        What’s the status of the shipping confirmation emails? I backed on Indiegogo, and placed an additional order through Grand St, and haven’t received emails for either yet.

  6. WOW 358 deg Celsius?? Where did you have that sensor, in the oven? 🙂

    1. LOL….thanks for making me chuckle 🙂

      It’s not the sensor itself (or its firmware) that has the issue….it’s a translation issue between the way the hardware, firmware, BLE and then Android OS display binary values.

      We have a new release that fixes it.

  7. “So to confirm Indigo backers will see shipping confirmation within 48 hours??”

    Is this only for normal Wimoto working hours? How many weeks is 48 hours in my time?

  8. And on a side note, have you ever thought about cleaning up the pages for your products?

    Not only are some of your descriptions referring to other Wimotos, but questions are going unanswered. It is like nobody cares. Pride and Professionalism!

  9. No shipping notification received yet? How much longer until we receive an update?

  10. So we would expect end of this week at latest for all backers to at least shipping email

  11. Indigogo backer here as well and no email since this update.

  12. hello Marc,
    could you update us? no email recerived yet…
    Do you have also any real timign on when you wil release the app for iOS?

  13. Still no email confirmations yet here as well? Can I just come by and do a pickup?

  14. Good evening, gentlemen… there were a few bugs in the App software that needed to be fixed. This shipping app Marc developed is particularly complex to help save time and money from potential shipping errors. Sorry again for the delay. I’ve been told they should be going out tomorrow. Please hang in there…

  15. O….M….F…..G

    Are you ‘people’ serious???

    Do you even want people to like you?

  16. Here’s a thought… INDEX CARDS … With everything that people ordered printed on them, and tape them to each box! THEN SHIP THEM OUT!!!

    1. Easy Killer!! They are working on it, I just got my shipping email today. This must be your first one of these. Sit back and enjoy your day and give them some more time, I’m sure your going to get your shipment soon enough.

      1. I will say on a side note and to be more constructive, in the email for shipping there is a link that takes you to The link does not work and just sits and spins, might want to look into that. Thanks.

      2. Thanks, Glen…we’re aware that the shipping API we’re using is causing some issues when calculating shipping. We’re working with the vendor to try and rectify things and if that doesn’t work, we’ll do a batch run of shipping calcs rather than realtime.

      3. Ok, just so I’m explaining my issue correctly, I never even get to the site. The link opens a page and nothing ever shows, it just keeps trying to get there. Thanks BTW for the quick response!!

      4. We do the calls to the shipping API whilst rendering the page, so that’s the unfortunate ‘side effect’ of them being slow or not completely.

        We’ll ‘er fixed.

    2. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help generate shipping quotes for in excess of 1500 packages with different combinations of products that have different weights and sizes. And then there’s multiple shipping carries on top of that and some folk who keep changing their minds. 🙂

      Plus of course we need to collect shipping fees from those who didn’t pay them when they contributed.

      But, yes, for the ~5000 items that need to be stuffed into boxes, we’re sticking packing lists on the boxes and stuffing them accordingly.

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