Shipping Confirmations and News on Firmware Updating


Shipping Confirmations

Shipping confirmations are still going out — sorry. We’ve been cleaning up some data quality issues and merging various sets of manual Perk selections back into the main database.

We expect them all to go out this week, but we’ll confirm that! Sorry again for the slight delay.

Enhanced Firmware Updating Capability

Whilst we would of course like to have shipped by now, one “happy accident” is that Nordic Semiconductor (who make our Bluetooth Low Energy silicon) have just released a new version of their BLE stack. One of the major enhancements to this version of the stack is it allows both the upgrading of our application code as well as the actual BLE stack itself (which is a good trick — update a BLE stack whilst using that stack!).

This mean your Wimoto’s will be able to be updated to accommodate changes in the Bluetooth Low Energy specification, and in fact will now ship as Bluetooth 4.1 (Low Energy) compliant devices.

The initial version of the app only supports updating our application code, but a later version of our app will include the functionality to also upgrade the BLE stack.



  1. thanks for the update!
    I was indeed starting to worry, I have not received any shipping confirmation (thank you for a doubel check with my email address)!

    1. Hi, we’re still sending them out…we found some data issues that we’re fixing. Stay tuned!

  2. Carole gurr · ·

    Still waiting for my shipping email, i understand that there is a delay, but i would like an estimated date when shipping emails expect to be completed. So i can keep an eye out for the email. Thanks

    1. For sure, Carole.

  3. Hello, any updates? email still not received, thank you!

    1. We’re aiming to have the shipping confirmation notices completed by the end of the week. Keep checking in, we’ll post once they’ve all gone out.

  4. Gaston Paradis · ·

    Has any unit been shipped? Waiting for my email notification of shipment .

    1. Not yet, Gaston. Your shipping confirmation will detail an estimated ship date based on where you are in the world.

  5. bscobie · ·

    Nothing yet guys hope it is going out soon plus I was supposed to be getting a t-shirt. Looking forward to seeing in action.

    1. Hi Bruce,

      We have your t-shirt noted 🙂

  6. Aug 11 and I don’t have a shipping confirmation yet. Been waiting a long time for these…

    1. Hi Ken! They are starting to go out today. Please sit tight! : )

      1. Carole Gurr · ·

        Hi I also have not received shipping confirmation and i ordered two lots of motes, about 25 in total i think. It is now 19 Aug here in Australia. Please advise, are shipping confirmations still going out, when can i expect delivery. Thanks

        Carole Gurr

  7. Hello Shela, Marc,
    Is it normal that I have not yet received any email about the post sending?
    On August 13 you said that you started to send them out…

  8. Good evening.. sorry, everyone! Some bugs came up that needed to be fixed. All is well now and I’ve been told they’ll be going out tomorrow. Carole, the confirmation notice will include a shipping timeline for your order based on where you live in the world.

  9. Paul Phillips · ·

    Got a Pre shipping notice on July 20th, nothing else has happened. am I missing something?

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