Production Samples

Production Samples

The entire family! Clockwise from top-left:

– Sentry
– Climate
– Thermo
– Grow
– Water


  1. Nice, looking forward to receive it!!!

  2. Martin Samuelsson · ·

    While I remember: What about a foldable Grow for the next generation? Mine’s going to live in a flower pot, and it would have been nice to be able to fold it away, over the edge of the pot.

    1. It’s an interesting idea, but they’re pretty tiny already 🙂

  3. could you please confirm the wimotos features you implemented on the firmware/soft/app? see my post on the Climate, just wanted to be sure on expectations.

    1. All devices have:-

      – high/low alarms for *each sensor*
      – data-logger that records the output from all onboard sensors at 15-minute intervals
      – battery service that reports battery level
      – device service that reports device type/name/serial number
      – time synchronization service (for the data-logger)
      – DFU (device firmware update) service to update the firmware over BLE

  4. Looks great! Are you publishing your protocol, or do they use an open protocol (such as BACnet or Modbus) so you can integrate into other systems?

    1. Bluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth “Smart”) is a standard in itself. The API happens at the application layer — no need to worry about radio protocols, retransmits, etc.

      Our “Profiles” and “Services” are open and we’re actively encouraging integration and your own apps/solutions. The devices are meant to be building blocks.

  5. Matthias Poehler · ·

    any shipping update?

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