Quick Production Update – Electronics Parts Have Arrived at Factory

After a tense few weeks of shipping and Customs waits, I’m glad that our parts have now cleared Customs and have been delivered to our contract manufacturer. Their feedback is “everything looks fine”, so they’re proceeding with making up production samples today and will express ship those to us for approval.

We’ve asked for a little bit of video so you can see the pick’n’place robot in action assembling Wimoto electronics. It’s quite neat to see!


  1. Sweet!
    Use scenario:
    Placed into Stevenson screen or classroom; replaces hygrometer and thermometer
    Can app indicate maximum and minimum thermometer on a daily basis as well as the current temperature?

    1. We’re going to add a “last high” and “last low” characteristic. It’s a bit tight on the Climate to do this — it’ll require going to Nordic’s next SDK revision, which is a bit of work.

      But, yes, we’ll have firmware at some point soon that’ll do just that rather than the alarms.

      1. What do you mean “rather than the alarms”?
        I need wimoto to send me alarms if I have a tempature increase or hygro decrease.. the aim is for a wine cellar, that it is why I backed, because there was an alarm configurable setting on Climate!
        hopefully I misunderstood your sentence 😉

      2. Hi Giorgio,

        Reading back that sentence, I can understand it’s a bit hard to understand. Sorry 🙂

        What I was attempting to say is that right now we send alarm notifications on high or low events. But we’re also going to add a feature that’ll let you know when the last alarm event was triggered, even if you’re not connected to the Wimoto.

        Alarms and alerts/notifications are very much part of our core features.

  2. Hello,

    where I can found this video? I work with pick and place and it is interesting for me.

    1. Hi Tomas,

      We’ll post it as soon as we get it from our supplier. Stay tuned.

  3. shobhitg · ·

    Sorry if this is out of context here. I recently discovered about Wimoto. How can I pre-order this product. Even if next batch of Wimotos come by next year, I would like to be able to pre-order it now.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your interest! You can pre-order here:


      If you’re outside of U.S./Canada, drop us a note at contact [at] wimoto [dot] com.

  4. Any news about the Mote bridge? How are you handling orders for people who ordered the mote bridge? Will the whole order be held back until the bridge is ready or will you ship the motes first and the mote bridge separately?

    1. Hi Dave,

      That’s a good question. We think it’s only fair to offer people the option of both ways.

      Production of the bridge/gateway is coming along, albeit slowly.

      1. davesnowdon · ·

        Good to know thanks. Personally, I’d like to get the motes first although the existence of the bridge/gateway was a significant part of my decision to back the project.

  5. I have not received my goods? Who do I get them from

    1. Not to worry, they haven’t been shipped yet! We’re working on confirmation notices that will confirm your shipping address and order. This notice will also note an estimated ship date depending on where you live. Please keep an eye on your email inbox. You’re welcome to contact me directly with any questions or concerns, too, at contact [at] wimoto [dot] com.

      1. Are they coming yet?

      2. When will they be delivered? Thanks

  6. Scott Andersen · ·

    So my assumption is we are still waiting for shipping Motes? (Jan 2015 is the date of this post)

    1. Hi Scott, That’s a correct statement.

  7. Yes still waiting, any news?

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