Shipping Update

Electronics Assembly

Serbian Customs currently still have our final parts for production. We were expecting them to release them last week so that production can start, but they’re being tardier than usual. Our contract manufacturer’s broker is in contact working on the release — the import/export is slightly more complicated than usual as the parts are just for manufacturer and return and come in on a temporary import permit. We’ll provide an update as soon as they clear.

Resolving Data Quality Issues With Surveys

Shela has literally worked with hundreds of you to ensure data quality on your Perk selections, addresses and other contact details. For those who’ve responded — thank you! There are still some folk we’re having trouble getting responses from where we *know* there’re data quality issues (wrong number of Perks selected being the major issue).

I think we’re now at a point where we can send out the automated confirmation/shipping payment emails without getting buried in support emails.


We’ve designed retail boxes for all the sensors. If you’ve selected a 10-pack or smaller, we’ll ship each sensor individually in a retail box. 25-packs or greater will ship bulk — you probably aren’t interested in the retail boxes, and not using them should save on shipping 🙂

Where Things Go From Here

Immediately following Customs release, our contract manufacturer will create some samples and FedEx them back to me. We expect that this activity will happen the week of the 31st.

Assuming all is good with the samples, we’ll green light production of electronics. Assembly will take about 5-days, so we expect to have the electronics back by the 15th (adding time for unexpected issues, packing, shipping and import back to Canada).

As-of the 15th we will program all 5000-units with firmware, pop them in their enclosures, and start fulfilling. As previously mentioned, we’ll start fulfilment with North America orders *first*. This limits risk as getting product back or exchanging it is quicker and cheaper if something’s wrong.

Concurrently with the North American shipping we will send a handful of European orders out to test shipping. Why? Several European countries are very sticky about EU safety and compliance standards and we want to make sure we have nothing wrong with our (considerable) documentation including our Declaration of Conformity. If all is good with the test shipments. 

Once North American orders are substantially shipped, Europe and the rest of the world will commence. The target is to try and get this done by the end of April or very early May. It’s quite a logistics exercise (partly due to the device programming and final assembly), but we’ll enlist some help.

Everything bar Canadian orders will ship USPS — USPS is considerably cheaper than Canada Post for international shipping and has a better range of products.


Feel free to post questions here, or if you’d rather chat in private, drop us an email: contact [at] wimoto [dot] com.

Thanks everyone for your patience and support. It’s been quite a journey, but I’m hopeful we’re in the final furlong now 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the update guys! I’ve been keeping my wife’s present a secret for so long now I can’t stand it.

    1. Sorry about the wait, David. Hope you wife enjoys her present 🙂

  2. Paul Cahier · ·

    guys, for the bulk sending, can you just put the folded boxes with them? I’d still appreciate to have the box to nicely put somewhere:)

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes, we can definitely do that 🙂

  3. So happy you guys are using USPS for Canada….You guys rock!!!

    1. Hi James,

      We’re using Canada Post for Canada and USPS for everywhere else.

  4. What this have to do with Serbia? Serbian customs are notorious for their long processing time… and Ill have to wait one more round with them to get final product 😦

    1. Our contract electronics manufacturer is located in Serbia. They’re used to temporarily importing and then re-exporting, but it did take longer than even they expected — it was a relatively high value shipment, so that might have piqued the curiosity of the Customs agents more.

      Unfortunately, we can’t send you parts directly from Serbia as we have to re-export every single part or there’ll be issues with Customs.

  5. Matthias Hilber · ·

    Hi i am from austria! when do i get my wimoto? ive baked at indiegogo! a year ago?

    1. Hi Matthias,

      You’ll get an email when your Perk is about to ship.

  6. Phillip Chee · ·


    What’s your ETA for sensors ordered through Grand St.?

    1. Hi Philip, they’ll ship right after Indiegogo backers and Amazon orders. (i.e. first come, first served).

  7. I have not received my goods? Who do I contact?

  8. Uwe Seidel · ·

    hello, i was early adaptor perk … when you ship to germany?! BR uwe

    1. You will be receiving a confirmation email shortly that will include your shipping timeline based on where you live in the world. : )

      1. hello shela, thanks … i live in germany :-). BR uwe

      2. You’re welcome. It should be noted for your specific order in the confirmation email. 🙂

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