Accessing Wimoto sensors from LightBlue on iOS

This is most likely more interesting to those who want to develop your own code with our sensors. It’s a quick stroll through our BLE Services and some of our Characteristics using the popular and useful LightBlue development tool on iOS.

Some of the Services are what are referred to as “well known Services” such as Battery Level, TX [transit] Level, and Manufacturer Data.

The Services with the cryptic hex strings are our, proprietary Services. Compared to many BLE devices we have quite a lot of Services and Characteristics.


  1. Will it be possible to use a 3rd party application to gather the actual sensed data e.g. motion from your motes? Or am i required to use only your mobile app to get that data? Thanks!

    1. Hi Keith, we active encourage rolling your own integration 🙂 Our Profiles and Characteristics will be on the new website (coming shortly).

  2. David A · ·

    Hey guys any updates on shipping?

  3. Hello any more updates? When do you think the shipping will start?

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