By the numbers…

I thought some of you might be interested in some of the numbers involved in our project.

Here you go!

5,000 – The number of plastic enclosures in the first production run
100,000 – Quantity of tiny M2 custom screws we had to order (the minimum)
~79,000 – The number of individual electronics components involved the first production run
~1300 – The number of individual orders to fulfill
5,500 – The number of Wimoto electronics assemblies being built for the first run
6 – Number of different firmware types (five motes, and one test)
13 – number of prototype and production revisions
Top three contributing countries (first campaign): U.S., Canada and Germany (second campaign) U.S., Germany, Australia
Number of countries involved: 52
2000 – tiny Philips 00 screwdrivers bought to include with backers shipments so they can change the battery when the time comes!

Edit: this is what 5,000+ Wimoto enclosures looked like when they arrived. 🙂


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