Wimoto Water

For those of you interested in the Wimoto Water or who have chosen it as a Perk: we’ve had to remove the water level sensing feature.

Whilst it works, and actually technically works quite well, there are some practical challenges with it:

– The part itself is very small and the inlet tube is quite fragile.
– Setting it up and calibrating it doesn’t provide the best user experience.
– The part we’re using can’t cope with anything but relatively fresh water, limiting its use.

The water leak detection of the Wimoto Water remains and will be its core feature.

Feel free to drop me a note at marc [at] wimoto [dot] com if you’d like to discuss.


  1. That’s no good, that’s why I chose this perk. Please explain the leak detection more

    1. Hi Grant,

      Sorry to hear that. It was a tough decision, but ultimately we want to make sure the product makes you happy, and I think the fragile nature likely won’t.

      The leak detection is pretty straightforward — a small external board has some gold traces on it at close distance. Any water (even a good sized drop) shorts out those traces and creates an alarm.

  2. I wanted to use the water sensor to monitor water level in my fish pond

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