We still have ~300 crowdfunding contributors that either haven’t selected their Perks (which motes they want), or have other obvious errors in their selections (if you contributed for one mote, we really can’t afford to ship you five 😉 ).

In discussion with Shela, who runs our customer happiness, we’ve decided to do this:

(1) We’ll contact you by email if there’s an issue and explain what we think the issue is.
(2) We’ll accept your selection, any special instructions for shipping, and address confirmation via email to our Customer Happiness.
(3) Once the above is substantially completed, we’ll email EVERYONE with a final selection confirmation including the shipping address and shipping method. If there are shipping fees or other charges outstanding, you will also get a Paypal invoice with this confirmation.

Shipping in excess of 1300 packages with over 4000 parts is a big logistics challenge for a tiny company, so please bear with us.

As a reminder, Canadian orders will ship Canada Post. U.S. and international orders will ship USPS. Canadians and Americans will not have to deal with any duties or taxes due to this shipping arrangement.


  1. Is the Cloud Cube part of this? Any docs available yet?

    1. No, unfortunately. Cloud Cube development and manufacturing takes a back seat when sensor work needs to be done.

      That said, I’ve finished the hardware design, chosen suppliers, and about to start the design-for-manufacture process.

      I’ll write an update next week with some photos — it’s a pretty cool little box 🙂

    2. Re: docs. Yes! They’ll be on the new website which we’ll launch in the next few days.

  2. Mark Trickey · ·

    When should we update shipping addresses? Now, or when the final confirmation comes through?

    1. Hi Mark….not sure I follow? Are you saying your shipping address has changed? You can email contact [at] wimoto [dot] com with the new details and Shela will change it.

  3. Mark Trickey · ·

    Sorry, after I re-read, it was not a very clear question. Yes, my address has changed. I’ll send an email. Thx!

  4. When do you think you will be shipping? I haven’t selected my options yet because I may have a new address.

  5. I missed the indiegogo campaign for this. Is there a way to buy a mote without being involved with the campaign? If there is anything left from people not responding or cancelling their order, I’d love to scavenge one!

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      We can likely help. Can you drop us a note at contact [at] wimoto [dot] com?


  6. I’d also love to get my hands on some. I’ll send you an email at the address above.

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