Production Update

We’ve been able to re-secure a window for electronics assembly. The current challenge is that the assembly house (which is in Europe) uses a PCB fabricator in China for costs reasons — and Chinese Spring Festival is about to start.

They’re rushing to try and get the PCB production finished and shipped before Spring Festival starts on the 23rd.

For those who aren’t familiar with Spring Festival, it’s the holiday around the Chinese New Year. As many Chinese people who work in manufacturing live away from their families, it’s a chance to go home and visit family and celebrate — literally most of China grinds to a halt. 


  1. Jan Bijlsma (the Netherlands) · ·


    when you assembly house is in Europe, can’t you send the perks from there through all Europe customers?

    1. HI Jan,

      Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. They’re not setup to do fulfillment, and there’re import/export and tax considerations.

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