Monthly Archives: January 2014

By the numbers…

I thought some of you might be interested in some of the numbers involved in our project. Here you go! 5,000 – The number of plastic enclosures in the first production run 100,000 – Quantity of tiny M2 custom screws we had to order (the minimum) ~79,000 – The number of individual electronics components involved […]

Wimoto Water

For those of you interested in the Wimoto Water or who have chosen it as a Perk: we’ve had to remove the water level sensing feature. Whilst it works, and actually technically works quite well, there are some practical challenges with it: – The part itself is very small and the inlet tube is quite […]


We still have ~300 crowdfunding contributors that either haven’t selected their Perks (which motes they want), or have other obvious errors in their selections (if you contributed for one mote, we really can’t afford to ship you five 😉 ). In discussion with Shela, who runs our customer happiness, we’ve decided to do this: (1) […]

Production Update

We’ve been able to re-secure a window for electronics assembly. The current challenge is that the assembly house (which is in Europe) uses a PCB fabricator in China for costs reasons — and Chinese Spring Festival is about to start. They’re rushing to try and get the PCB production finished and shipped before Spring Festival starts […]