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We’ve fixed the latest hardware issue where parts were programming, running simple “hello world” code, but not running the Bluetooth Low Energy stack properly.

After much tearing out of hair (and I don’t have much to start with!), it’s been traced to an oscillator issue. We’ve now sent information on what we’ve found back to our contract manufacturer in Japan for comment and assuming they agree with our findings and how we’ve fixed it, we’ll green light mass production of the electronics.

Once we get some feedback from Japan, I’ll re-forecast the project plan and post it. Christmas and New Year are obviously factors in terms of timing.

Thank you for bearing with us!




  1. Thank you for the update. I would appreciate if you would involve the community (your customers & supporters) a bit more in the process. Compared to other projects you offer very little information about the product itself or the overall progress.The communication you have with your community is minimal. E.g. Emails are not answered, no community forum, etc. This certainly does not help in building a community around your products which is most likely essential and a fundamental part of the crowd funding way you chose.
    You will have a hard time selling a commodity product for premium prices if don’t have a large group of supporters and contributors that offer the extra value you don’t/cannot provide.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Mat,
      Can you let me know privately when you sent in an email that wasn’t answered? As you know, a couple of months back we setup a formal support process with tracked tickets.

      I’m sorry you don’t feel you’re getting enough updates. We’re trying to strike a balance — some people have actually complained of too much noise.

      Thanks for your feedback.


      1. That’s Odd. I get responses right away, even on twitter. I think ya’ll are doing a great job with updates. Obstacles that occur in production are annoying but inevitable. The wait, I believe, is worth it.

      2. Thanks, Adam!

        We actually checked our help desk emails and found that this person got two responses, but was upset because we’re not open sourcing our apps.

  2. Hey, thanks also for the update. I just got here because I thought: “Well, have not heard from these nice little sensor bricks for quite some time.” Since I do not check the blog regularly, but my emails every day, I would really appreciate, if you could send your updates again via indiegogo. Actually I hoped, that they would be ready for christmas, but, well I know from other campaigns that pioneer work has often extended shedules. Go on – I’m really excited and hope for a great product, also to show it to my friends and family and at work. Especially for some companys with rooms where it might be nice to have climate control this is really a nice tool.

  3. I don’t really understand how people can get upset about updates/info on something they have backed

  4. Patrick Wilcox · ·

    please drop a line to with updates on when purchase and evaluation might be available. Evaluation underway with a number of technologies and would like to include yours.


  5. Michael Schaffer · ·

    Hi WiMoto Team

    Any chance you can provide an updated production and shipping timeline…

  6. Hi Guys,

    Happy New Year and all the best.

    Any news on you production plan?

    Thanks! Looking forward to hold one of those things in hand soon.



  7. Anything new? Or any updates on production?

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