Hi everyone.

I just wanted to post a quick update as folks have been asking and you’re owed one.

Production Issues/Delays
Unfortunately, I got flu a couple of weeks ago which knocked-me-out productivity-wise for best part of a week. I’ve now also got a secondary infection (!!!), but I am still able to work this time around. So, this is factor #1 in some new production delays, as I’m the glue that keeps everything running at Wimoto.

The second delay is that we have our production samples back from starting mass production. The parts program with our firmware properly (which is a good test that things are working), but mysteriously the radios are not working on the samples. We’ve tried to troubleshoot this as far as we can, and on Friday we engaged our radio system-on-a-chip partner in Japan and have now shipped them parts. Either we’re unlucky enough to have a real (or reels) of system-on-a-chip parts that don’t work, or something is going on in manufacturing that’s “frying” radio components (there’s more than just one chip involved).

There are some screenshots of the iOS version below and we’re now going to start getting 1.0 App Store approved. Based on some comments, we’ve included a “simulator” so that when you download the app you can run it without Wimoto sensors and still get a feel for who the app looks and feels.

Work will start on the Android 4.3+ version in the next week or so. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with questions about how to get Android 4.3 on your device (it’s not always a straight forward conversation)– please contact the manufacturer of your phone. 

Surveys/Shipping Information
If you haven’t received a survey, or just haven’t completed it, it’s now better just to email us at contact [at] wimoto [dot] com. If you’ve had an address change or have special shipping instructions (such as wanting to upgrade to courier service, for example), this is also the best way to do it. 

Next Update
The next update will be in a couple of days once I get a chance to re-forecast things and take into account the holidays (we’ll be working, but others won’t) and our Consumer Electronics Show visit.




  1. Sorry to hear that.. Difficult to understand why so many unforeseen issues, couldn’t you say to your manufacturer to produce everything with the same chips of your working prototype??
    Or does the prototype never properly worked and you hoped to solve the issues during production?
    I keep faith nevertheless 😉

    1. All the chips are the same as our prototypes, aside from passives.

      The only differences are:

      1) Fresh new reel of parts from Japan
      2) The BGA is placed by a pick’n’place machine and the carrier is reflowed by an IR over conveyor rather than by hand with a hot air rework station.

      As I think I mentioned in the update, the SoC actually programs just fine (which is good)….it just never has any radio output.

  2. Will the app show which moto(?) it is? Or is the background color coded for the type of sensor? On the BBQ screen what is the second reading?

    1. Hi,

      The side panel that lists the sensors shows you which type of moto it is. And, yes, the background of the screen is also a colour code.

      The second reading on the Thermo (“BBQ”) screen is the infrared non-contact thermometer. The first is the probe thermometer.

      1. Why is the infrared non-contact thermometer reading 58%? I would think it would be in degrees.

      2. Oops….yes, it should! Fixed now. 🙂

  3. Any update?

  4. Will there be an iPad app? Or will the app perhaps be universal (or whatever it’s called when an iPhone app works on an iPad)?

    1. The iPhone app will work on an iPad (it’s a universal app). That’ll be it for 1.0.

      For a later release, we’d definitely like to support the iPad better….possibly with native data visualization (somewhat limited on an iPhone!).

  5. AF Heidner PE · ·

    Update on app progress?

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