One step forward…two back

Welcome to the new blog. We’re going to use this from now on to keep our backers up-to-date as it’s more fluid and allows for easier and quicker updates than the Indiegogo system.

Here’s an update on what’s been going on in the past couple of weeks, and where things stand:

  • We have received a new SDK from our Bluetooth Low Energy manufacturer, Nordic Semi. This was the SDK update to allow us to create “over-the-air” (OTA) software updates for the Wimoto’s. Whilst the SDK does indeed over an over-the-air bootloader, the support software merely consists of a Python script that works with Nordic’s emulator. This weekend we’ll start experimenting with trying to write an iOS app to send OTA updates — it would have been nice if Nordic had provided some example code in this area. I’m happy to announce that we have an extra person helping out with iOS code and an extra person helping out with firmware now — which relieves some of the strain on my time!
  • We had another problem with our plastic enclosure related to screws. On the advice of the plastics factory in China, we’re using a resin that’s a blend of ABS and Polycarbonate. You’re all probably familiar with plastic parts made with ABS as it’s a very good ‘general purpose’ plastic. However, it doesn’t yield the structural strength and finish quality that we wanted so we’re using a resin blend containing Polycarbonate to add strength and “lustre” to the finished product. Our design software hadn’t caught that part of the sidewalls where the screws go through the base plate of the enclosure was thin enough that it might rupture as the screws were inserted — because the ABS/Polycarbonate blend is more brittle than pure ABS. Luckily the factory noticed this before we’d started cutting the tooling, and we spent a few days working together to rejig the design — not easy given that there are very few aspects of the design we can change at this point. We’re out of the woods on that issue now and the factory literally starts cutting steel for tooling tomorrow and we should have T0 test shots of the plastics in the next week or so. If those are acceptable, they’ll finish polishing the injection moulds and start mass production of the enclosures.

We realize that some of you have already pointed out that we estimated our original shipping date to be in September. As we’re now getting awfully close to the end of September and things are still coming together, it’s becoming apparent that we’re going to be later shipping than anticipated. We are now targeting shipping before Halloween (October 31st) and doing what we can to better that date. The sliver of good news is that this also includes delivery of items from the second campaign, so if you participated in that or both, that might be some good news.

With regard to surveys, this has become a bit of a mess and I apologize. We didn’t anticipate that there would be URL encoding issues with some email programs/browsers that would cause issues for people getting into their surveys, nor the amount of support required to help folks. Our new support person, Shela, starts on Monday and will reach out to those who have data quality issues (which generally means they didn’t specify which Wimoto’s they wanted) and we’ve also now finished cleaning up the main database and merging in the second campaign. We will re-trigger the lingering surveys and write a blog post confirming we’ve done so!

Thanks everyone for your support and patience.




  1. How do I sign up to get updates?

    1. Hi Carole,

      Great question! WordPress has details on this page:


      1. David Durdan · ·

        Thanks for the link. For others (who don’t follow this link), you DO NOT need to register to follow (you do need to provide and confirm a working e-mail address).

      2. Thanks for clarifying that, David!

  2. Mark Trickey · ·

    Thanks Marc,

    This is indeed a better format. Thanks for the updates and for sharing the details. I believe it helps people feel a part of the process of bringing a product to market, and I think has the benefit of helping people be more understanding of delays. Before I started down the road of supporting crowd-funding I had no idea the level of effort and detail that goes into manufacturing those little gadgets we all take for granted. It has not always translated in patience on my part, but knowing all the steps and hoops that have to be jumped over and through to get things right has been an incredible eye opener.


    1. Thanks, Mark. Your comments and support (both private and public) have been constructive and appreciated.



  3. Marc so I need to register/login to wordpress in order to follow you up? Why not simply giving you my email – which you already have?

    PS: Looking forward to receive the link for the survey delivery, on the October batch and not yet received, thanks and I am sorry for all the incovience you had with the production and firmware…I guess nobody was expecting that

    1. Hi Giorgio,

      The blog is blow-by-blow updates as they happen. If there was something major, such as not knowing which items you wanted, surveys, etc., we would reach out via email.


  4. Stan Sieler · ·

    ” easier and quicker updates ” … uh, there haven’t been a lot of updates anyway, which renders your primary argument null and void. Please let me know … via indiegogo or email … when you actually need me to do something. I won’t be polling yet another blog / web page, and I don’t want to register with yet another service / system (wordpress) to create yet another account.

  5. Marc, can you confirm that surveys so far have not included any perks from the second campaign?

  6. Ivan Petrov · ·

    I haven’t received survey of what wimotos I want for my bunde. Have those been sent already?

  7. […] One step forward…two back. […]

  8. Michael schAffer · ·


    I bought from two different campaigns, one in the first was for two wimotos. I received that survey. In the 2nd program I bought the cloud device, but I’ve not heard from you on that one. Should have I?

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