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Why Kickstarter [and Indiegogo] projects are always delayed

Zach Suppala over at Spark Devices wrote a pretty good piece on why Kickstarter projects (especially hardware ones) always seem to suffer delays. He really summed it up quite well, so I wanted to share it: In particular, he echoed why plastics work (seemingly simple) is often the bane of an entrepreneur’s existence and […]

Drooling over tooling…

]The Wimoto’s enclosure, like the vast majority of consumer products, is made of plastic. That plastic is formed using a process called injection moulding. Believe it or not, getting to the point of being able to make a plastic part is actually quite laborious and complex. Moulds often cost upwards of USD$10,000 and very complex, […]

When it rains, it pours…

Hi everyone, Just a quick note to update you on the typhoon that hit Guandong province, where our plastics work is being done. The factory where the work is being done is safe and dry, although the factory did have to close for two days during the worst of the storm and flooding. I’ve asked […]

Cloud Cube….now less cloudy!

When we launched our Indiegogo campaign, we offered a mysterious Perk that included a bridge to allow data from our Wimoto’s to find its way directly to the Internet without having to use the app. Despite the very vague description, this limited Perk sold out and reaffirmed that this was indeed an option many people […]

One step forward…two back

Welcome to the new blog. We’re going to use this from now on to keep our backers up-to-date as it’s more fluid and allows for easier and quicker updates than the Indiegogo system. Here’s an update on what’s been going on in the past couple of weeks, and where things stand: We have received a […]

Climate final prototype

Climate final prototype with packaging