Shipping At this point we’ve shipped hundreds of Perks and assembled thousands of Wimoto’s. We appreciate everyone’s patience — it sounds easy to get a product out the door, but it’s actually a lot of work and goes beyond just licking a stamp. Climate, Sentry and Grow are now available for shipping with the latter just starting […]

Version 1.0.3 of the iOS app has now hit the App Store. Aside from some bug fixes and minor cosmetic tweaks, you can now tap on any temperature to switch the entire system (current temperature, alarms, pickers) between Celsius and Fahrenheit . We’ve noticed some of the negative feedback on the Android app and want […]

*** THIS HAS [HOPEFULLY] BEEN RESOLVED NOW!  *** There’s currently an issue with calculating international postage from within the shipping app. Unfortunately, it’s a third party API and we’re waiting for the vendor to address the issue on their end. It’s also possibly affecting those unlucky enough to hit the app at the same time […]

Shipping We’ve shipped out a few hundred Climate’s at this point. For us, shipping means taking a bare PCB, testing it, adding a battery, making up three separate flat-pack boxes, shrink-wrapping another battery, adding a baby screwdriver and velcro tabs….then a Russian doll routine of inserting one box into another into another. And we’ve unfortunately […]

We published a fix for the startup issues on Android 5.x for our companion app this morning. There was an issue in the Couchbase Lite libraries that we use for data storage/replication. Whilst Google Play Developer Console says it’s already published, it generally takes a few hours to wind its way into the ether! The […]

Just a quick update to let everyone know the Android app was accepted and published in Google Play yesterday. Elapsed time for the iOS approval was in the region of months; Android was less than three hours once we got to the approval point. We’re not sure what this says about the process for either […]

Well, after 15-days of being “In Review” on this round, the lovely folk in Cupertino have approved our iOS app/hardware. For those of you catching up, we had to supply Apple with hardware as it’s intrinsic to our app — and that’s when things started to get complicated. Finding us via search doesn’t appear to […]


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