Hi everyone, I wanted to post a quick update, so you’re not feeling in the dark. Marc had a bit of an accident (he’s ok!), so this week’s target to get all of the confirmation notices out was affected. I can hear you all groaning about yet another delay. I know you’re also happy, like […]

Hi all, We wrote code to send out shipping notifications (which is actually relatively complex as we have multiple perks per customer and multiple selections per perk to deal with), but have come to the conclusion that a better approach might be to send links to a webpage where you can finally confirm your selections […]

Hi, Shipping Confirmations Shipping confirmations are still going out — sorry. We’ve been cleaning up some data quality issues and merging various sets of manual Perk selections back into the main database. We expect them all to go out this week, but we’ll confirm that! Sorry again for the slight delay. Enhanced Firmware Updating Capability […]

Hi everyone, Sorry for the lack of recent posts; we’ve been very busy behind the scenes! Shipping Please look out for your shipping confirmation this week via email. We believe Shela has been able to sort out most of the obvious errors with Perk selections at this point, but if there are any issues, please […]

Finally in the end game on the app. The IR temperature sensor on a Wimoto Thermo is measuring air temperature here…it’d be a pretty chilly BBQ ;) Under-the-covers the app uses Couchbase Mobile to store data from the sensors and replicate it with our cloud back-end. The exciting news is that we’re going to be […]

We’ve been able to validate the Wimoto Grow, Thermo, Climate and Water for mass production and the contract manufacturer will now start mass production of those units. The Sentry has been causing some strange accelerometer problems. We’ve found and corrected an issue where the main system-on-a-chip wasn’t leaving debug mode properly (there’s an on-chip debugger), […]

The entire family! Clockwise from top-left: – Sentry – Climate – Thermo – Grow – Water


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