Hi folks. A quick update on shipping preparations. Green Status (All is Good) – Our shipment of batteries arrived, as some of you might seen. They needed to be shipped by camel as they’re a significant HazMat :) – Our outer shipping cartons have arrived. – We’re re-enabling editing of Perks for those who need […]

Hi everyone, Just posting to break the radio silence and let you know we haven’t forgotten about you! We’re still working on the perk selection issue some people are experiencing and working with people behind the scenes to help correct other problems with their order and shipping payment. We’ll post again soon with an update. […]

Good evening! I hope this post finds you well. Marc deployed some fixes today that should have the credit card processing working better. We’re still working on issues with fixing your perk selections, so there is some work yet to be done. We’ll keep you posted! Please wait to try again unless all you needed to do […]

Hi everyone, As promised, here I am with another quick update! We should be able to do a release tomorrow with some fixes, for those of you who were experiencing issues with the confirmation email and app. Thanks for your patience, Shela… 

Hey everyone, Just wanted to post a quick update to let you know we’re busy behind the scenes working on the App conflicts some people are experiencing. Please give us the weekend and we’ll update you on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!Warm regards, Shela…

Hey everyone! Some people are experiencing an issue with their Perk numbers and the inability to correct their selections. We’re aware of this and Marc is looking into the issue.  If the total number of motes DOES NOT equal the total entitled motes, you will be able to select them yourself on the App once the issue is […]

Well, the shipping app has been up and then down and then up and then down this morning…sorry! The best we can tell, there’s either a memory leak or some other spiralling-death issue with the Postmaster.io API. We’re working with them to try and figure out why everything is fine when only a handful of […]


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